Microsoft Graph Java SDK Preview

Java developers have spoken, and we’ve listened. We’re excited to announce a preview of our new Java SDK for Microsoft Graph. Java developers can use the SDK to integrate with data, relationships and intelligence of the Microsoft Graph API in both client and server-side applications.

Customer ticketing solution on Kaizala

In this post, I will be exploring on how to get a customer support ticket management system on Kaizala. Instead of sending multiple text messages to give an update on the ticket status, we could just have a rich card that provides the ticket status. And, when there is a change in status, the card could be updated to reflect the latest status.

Microsoft Teams App Studio’s Control Library

If you’ve tried out our new Microsoft Teams App Studio you’ve probably noticed the “Control library” tab. We developed this library based on feedback from our developer community to simplify the design and development process. Each time we created a new tab we found ourselves copying the same CSS code repeatedly — as you can imagine there were several issues. To resolve these issues, we built a library for common UI elements used in Teams. Using this library will enable your tab to stay consistent with the Teams look and feel.