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Windows Terminal 1.0
Last year at Build 2019, we first announced the Windows Terminal. Since then, we have been working with the community to create a wonderful terminal experience while still being a preview product. Here we are at Build 2020 and we are so excited to share with you our latest announcements! Build 2020 Windows Terminal 1.0 We are incredibly pr
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The Windows Subsystem for Linux BUILD 2020 Summary
This year at an all virtual BUILD conference we had many exciting announcements for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)! This blog post gives you a summary of all the WSL news, including what’s available now and what you can expect in the future. WSL’s BUILD news at a glance Please read on below for the details for each item
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Windows Package Manager Preview
We are thrilled to announce the Windows Package Manager preview! If you’re already familiar with what a package manager is, feel free to skip this paragraph. If you’re still reading, you’re going to love this! A package manager is designed to help you save time and frustration. Essentially, it is a set of software tools that help you au
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Windows Terminal Preview v0.11 Release
We are back with one last major update before the 1.0 release of Windows Terminal! Releases between now and then will be revisions of this version. This is the v0.11 release and you can download the Terminal from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. Let's see what has changed with this update! Azure visualization - https://g
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Windows Terminal Preview v0.10 Release
Welcome to the v0.10 release of the Windows Terminal! As always, you can install the Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store or download the package from the GitHub releases page. Let's dive into what's new! Mouse Input The Terminal now supports mouse input in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) applications as well as Windows applications t
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WSL2 will be generally available in Windows 10, version 2004
WSL2 will soon be officially available as part of Windows 10, version 2004! As we get ready for general availability, we want to share one additional change: updating how the Linux kernel inside of WSL2 is installed and serviced on your machine. We’ve heard lots of community feedback that the install experience could be streamlined, and we
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Windows Terminal Preview v0.9 Release
The v0.9 release of the Windows Terminal has arrived! This is the last version of the Terminal that will include new features before the v1 release. You can download the Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. Let's dive into what's new! Command Line Arguments The wt execution alias now supports command li
Windows Terminal Preview v0.8 Release
The release of the Windows Terminal preview v0.8 has arrived! You can download the Terminal from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. Let's jump into what's new! Search Search functionality has been added to the Terminal! The default key binding to invoke the search dropdown is {"command": "find", "keys": ["ctrl+shift+f"]}.
Happy Holidays from the Windows Terminal Team!
What a crazy year 2019 has been for the Windows command line! Let's take a look at everything that has happened and where we're going from here. Announcement at Microsoft Build On May 6th of this year, the Windows Terminal was announced at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, WA. Here's all of the content that came with our announcem