Breaking changes in Microsoft Bookings Graph APIs (beta)

Purva Ekatpure

Microsoft Bookings provides support for Microsoft Graph APIs in beta as well as V1. Due to the evolving nature of pre-production APIs (beta APIs), we are implementing some essential modifications in beta. We are announcing a breaking change in the beta APIs which will impact developers whose solutions are currently calling these APIs. This change will be effective from April 30, 2024.

What is changing?

The path for the following Bookings Graph APIs in beta is getting replaced from ‘/beta’ path to ‘/beta/solutions’ path. We are eventually deprecating the ‘/beta’ path. This means that you will no longer be able to use the ‘/beta’ path after April 30, 2024.

Entity API Old url format New url format
Booking Business List bookingBusinesses
Create bookingBusiness
Get bookingBusiness{id}{id}
Update bookingbusiness{id}{id}
Delete bookingBusiness{id}{id}
bookingBusiness: publish{id}/publish{id}/publish
bookingBusiness: unpublish{id}/unpublish{id}/unpublish
bookingsBusiness: getStaffAvailability{id}/getStaffAvailability{id}/getStaffAvailability
Appointment List Bookings calendarView{id} /calendarView?start={start-value}&end={end-value}{id} /calendarView?start={start-value}&end={end-value}
List appointments{id} /appointments{id} /appointments
Create bookingAppointment{id} /appointments{id} /appointments
Get bookingAppointment{id} /appointments/{id}{id} /appointments/{id}
Update bookingAppointment{id} /appointments/{id}{id} /appointments/{id}
Delete bookingAppointment{id} /appointments/{id}{id} /appointments/{id}
bookingAppointment: cancel{id} /appointments/{id}/cancel{id} /appointments/{id}/cancel
Currency List bookingCurrencies
Get bookingCurrency{id}{id}


List customQuestions{id}/customQuestions{id}/customQuestions
Create bookingCustomQuestion{id}/customQuestions{id}/customQuestions
Get bookingCustomQuestion{id}/customQuestions/{id}{id}/customQuestions/{id}
Update bookingCustomQuestion{id}/customQuestions/{id}{id}/customQuestions/{id}
Delete bookingCustomQuestion{id}/customQuestions/{id}{id}/customQuestions/{id}
Customer List customers{id}/customers{id}/customers
Create bookingCustomer{id}/customers{id}/customers
Get bookingCustomer{id}/customers/{id}{id}/customers/{id}
Update bookingcustomer{id}/customers/{id}{id}/customers/{id}
Delete bookingCustomer{id}/customers/{id}{id}/customers/{id}
Service List services{id}/services{id}/services
Create bookingService{id}/services{id}/services
Get bookingService{id}/services/{id}{id}/services/{id}
Update bookingservice{id}/services/{id}{id}/services/{id}
Delete bookingService{id}/services/{id}{id}/services/{id}
Staff List staffMembers{id}/staffMembers{id}/staffMembers
Create bookingStaffMember{id}/staffMembers{id}/staffMembers
Get bookingStaffMember{id}/staffMembers/{id}{id}/staffMembers/{id}
Update bookingstaffmember{id}/staffMembers/{id}{id}/staffMembers/{id}
Delete bookingStaffMember{id}/staffMembers/{id}{id}/staffMembers/{id}

What do you need to do?

If you are using the ‘/beta’ path in your applications, you will need to update your code to use the ‘/beta/solutions’ path instead for the APIs listed above. We recommend that you update your applications as soon as possible, before the deprecation date of April 30, 2024. After that date, any requests to the ‘/beta’ path will return an error.

Thank you for using the Microsoft Graph Bookings APIs. Happy coding!

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