Updates to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program 

Kelly Bowen-McCombs (She/Her)

We want to thank you for your ongoing participation in the Microsoft 365 developer program. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to explore Microsoft 365 development. You are valued partners and advocates. We’re excited to continually improve the program and make it an even better tool to help you with your business and development needs.

We know that the onboarding service has experienced some disruption over the past six months. We want to acknowledge the frustration this has caused. Our team has been addressing the scale and security issues that affected our onboarding experience, and we’ve made some investments to help mitigate these issues. We’ve improved the user experience when errors occur. In addition, if you lose access to your subscription and cannot recover it, you can now delete your developer program account and rejoin. When you delete your account, your old subscription will auto-expire and after the expiration period, you can request a new one.

Updates to our renewal model

Your developer subscription is valid for 90 days and is renewable based on your developer activity. If you’re using your subscription for development purposes, it will be renewed every 3 months and can last indefinitely. You’ll see changes to this renewal process in the upcoming weeks as we adjust our model for your benefit. We are updating our definitions for valid developer activity.  While we are unable to share details of our decision process, we encourage you to use your subscription for testing and developing your solutions. If you receive an expiration warning and believe we are missing your activity, you can submit an appeal. If your subscription expires, now you have a path to request a new one.

Please remember that your Microsoft 365 Developer Program subscription is to be used for development purposes only. It is not intended for production use. For details, see the Terms and conditions | Microsoft Learn. We can bring more value to the program when our members are responsible stewards of our offerings.

Next Steps

If you’re not yet a member, to learn more about and join the program, visit the Microsoft 365 Developer Program page.

Do you have ideas or suggestions for additional value you want us to consider? Let us know in the comments!

Visit us at Microsoft 365 Dev Center. Follow us on (@Microsoft365Dev) / Twitter for the latest news.


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  • David Sass 1

    Thanks for the updates Kelly!

    May I ask if you have plans to – optionally – enable the use of add-on/premium features?

    For example:
    – SharePoint Syntex
    – Viva
    – Teams Premium

    As an Microsoft Certified Trainer I think the MCT community could use these in great value not just the developer community 🙂

    • Kelly Bowen-McCombs (She/Her)Microsoft employee 1

      It’s definitely on our short list of features we’re considering. Actively researching this as a possibility as we’ve gotten feedback that this is a high priority request for some customers.

      • Ben Teoh 0

        I’d like to second David’s request. These would be very useful for understanding the different user experiences in our dev tenants.

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