Send Teams activity notifications using new resource-specific consent permissions

Luyao Wang

Microsoft Teams activity notifications empower users to triage items that require their attention. You can use the activity notification APIs in Microsoft Graph to extend this functionality to your apps. This allows your apps to provide richer experiences and better user engagement by keeping users up to date.

On December 20, 2023, we are announcing general availability of Resource-specific Consent (RSC) permissions for notification APIs. RSC is an authorization framework built by Microsoft Teams and Microsoft identity platform that allows for granting scoped access to an app. The new TeamsActivity.Send.User permission can be consented by the user to send activity notifications.

Activity notifications in Teams mobile

Activity notifications in Teams desktop

Advantages of activity notifications

  • Activity notifications is a native Teams integration that brings user seamlessly into the Tab app, bringing additional user engagement from Activity to your app.
  • Activity notifications come with an OS notification in Teams desktop and mobile clients, so that user attention is grabbed from the system pop-up and sound.
  • Notifications content is highly customizable, allowing users to preview the summary of the notified events.
  • You can deep link your app to a notification so that when a user selects the notification it increases user app engagement.

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