Recent changes to data visibility for Microsoft Graph callRecords APIs 

Microsoft Graph team

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to store and process customer data for EU customers within the EU, we have made changes to how Microsoft handles the Microsoft Teams call data that we expose via Microsoft Graph’s callRecords APIs (beta and v1.0) and other places where we surface similar data, including the Teams Admin Center and Call Quality Dashboard. 

For organizations that participate in a federated call or meeting but did not initiate it (non-owning organizations), they will now only be able to see usage and diagnostic data for users within their own organization. For consistency, this change has been applied to all federated calls and meetings – not only those that cross a regional boundary. The schema of the API remains unchanged so most application code will not be affected. 

While we understand that this change might impact some applications that depend on our API, we believe this change is important to meet our commitments to reduce cross-region data flows while still enabling customers to take advantage of diagnostic data to troubleshoot poor quality calls and understand their organization’s Microsoft Teams usage. 

This change went into effect in February 2023. 

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