Announcing public preview of Azure Fluid Relay service @ Ignite 2021

Mathangi Chakrapani

Today, we are excited to announce public preview availability of the Azure Fluid Relay service for vibrant collaborative experiences. Highly collaborative experiences define the next wave of productivity and “hybrid work.” Hybrid work is transforming the way we use applications to collaborate and Fluid is part of that transformation.

Do you want to delight your users with real time, collaborative experiences? Can you imagine zero custom code on the server to enable sophisticated data synchronization, seamless real-time coauthoring across text editors?

Imagine building interactive service applications that make day-to-day interactions fun and simple. Co-authoring text editors, technical work scheduling, multi-player gaming, collaborative 3D modeling for your next design …all of this can be built with the Azure Fluid Relay service.

Try the Azure Fluid Relay service powered by Azure.

Real time, collaborative data sync, reimagined!!

When you build real-time, collaborative web applications with Fluid Framework, you need a Fluid Relay service you can depend on. Backed by the scalability and reliability of Azure, Microsoft’s Azure Fluid Relay service is the obvious choice. It will enable you to build and deploy rich collaborative applications and experiences that perform at industry-leading speed and scale.

Azure Fluid Relay is a managed cloud service that supports Fluid Framework clients.

  • Fully managed service​​
  • Zero upfront cost​
  • Global presence with regional resilience​
  • World class performance​
  • Meets data residency & compliance requirements​

We would like to thank our private preview partners for their feedback in shaping our product and improving our developer experience.

Resources and support

Learn how to get started with Azure Fluid Relay service from the following resources:

  1. How to provision Azure Fluid Relay service 
  2. How to integrate Azure Fluid Relay service into your app
  3. Samples and quick starts 
  4. Documentation

Please report any issues on the public preview using the issues list here.

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