New Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy preview v0.3 with support for all APIs

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Build resilient and performant apps with the latest preview version of the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy. In this new version, we’re excited to introduce the support for simulating errors on Microsoft Graph and other APIs, and contextual guidance to help you improve the performance of your apps.

Download Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.3 and check if your apps properly handle API errors.

Simulate errors on Microsoft Graph and other APIs

After releasing the Developer Proxy, we received some great feedback from all of you telling us how invaluable it is to finally be able to simulate different types of errors that applications can come across when calling APIs. You also shared that many of your applications use Microsoft Graph and other APIs that you’d like to be able to test too.

In this new release, we add support for simulating errors on any API. By default, we include configuration for Microsoft Graph and SharePoint APIs, but you can extend it to include other APIs as well by adding the URLs that the Proxy should intercept.

SharePoint Framework web part visible in a web browser. Network tab with a request to SharePoint API failed by the Graph Developer Proxy highlighted
Simulating SharePoint API errors using Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy while building a SharePoint Framework web part

For more information about the updated settings, check our documentation.

Use $select to improve performance of your apps

Microsoft Graph is a rich API that gives you access to data and insights from Microsoft 365. By extending your requests to Microsoft Graph with the $select query parameter, you’ll limit the data that Microsoft Graph returns to just what’s needed by your app, speeding up the API response.

Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy will now warn you of any requests to Microsoft Graph API that don’t use the $select parameter and provide you with a link to the guidance with more information about using the $select parameter.

Web request to Microsoft Graph API highlighted in a terminal window. Another terminal window showing guidance about the lack of $select query parameter.
Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy showing a warning for a Microsoft Graph API call without the $select query parameter

What’s next

Here are some things that we’re currently working on.

Improve the readability of the Proxy’s output

As we add more features to the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy, we want to make it easier for you to follow the different messages. We’ve been researching the different options to improve the Proxy’s output and will start the implementation shortly.

Notify when using beta endpoints

Sometimes, during development, you might be using Microsoft Graph beta endpoints to try new functionality. Unfortunately, beta endpoints are subject to change, and we don’t support using them in production applications.

We regularly release new features to Microsoft Graph APIs on the v1.0 endpoint. We’re looking into ways to help you understand which beta endpoints you use in your applications so that you can upgrade them to use the v1.0 endpoints instead which is supported in production.

Support plugins

We’re working to refactor the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy to make it more modular. This will not only make it easier to maintain the different features in the future but will also give you the opportunity to build plugins to support scenarios specific to your organization.

Try it today

Download Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.3 and check if your apps properly handle API errors.

After you’ve tried the Proxy, please let us know how we can make it better by creating an issue on our GitHub repo. We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit our Microsoft Graph Dev Center for more resources. And follow us on Twitter @Microsoft365Dev for the latest developer news!

Happy coding!


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