Retiring SharePoint Framework domain isolated web parts for SharePoint Online

Bert Jansen

After careful consideration and extensive review of usage data and feedback we’ve decided to announce the retirement of the domain isolated web parts feature in SharePoint Framework (SPFx). As of April 2, 2026 domain isolated web parts will be fully retired and stop working for existing tenants. If tenants are still using domain isolated web parts then they’ll see the web part render and error message and stop functioning. New tenants onboarding from April 2, 2025 will not be able to use domain isolated web parts. This applies to all environments including Government Clouds and Department of Defense. There will not be an option to extend domain isolated web parts beyond April 2, 2026.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe this is the best decision for the future of SPFx and SharePoint.


Date Action
April 2, 2025 Domain isolated web parts will be turned off for newly created tenants.
April 2, 2026 Domain isolated web parts will be turned off for existing tenants.


Domain isolated web parts allow developers to create web parts that run in a separate domain from the host page, providing an additional layer of security and isolation. Due to the performance implications of running in dedicated domain we saw limited usage of this feature.

To understand whether you have installed domain isolated web parts and granted permissions you can verify if the SharePoint admin center API access page contains permissions listed under the “Isolated” grouping.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

If you see permissions listed under “Isolated” then follow the steps described in the domain isolated web part retirement documentation to understand more about the deployed domain isolated web parts. This script will create two CSV files:

  • Solutions.csv: this file contains an overview of the solutions that contain domain isolated web parts
  • Pages.csv: this file contains an entry per page holding one of the domain isolated web parts

Call to Action guidance

If you are using domain isolated web parts in your SPFx solutions, you will need to migrate them to regular web parts before April 2026. Otherwise, your web parts will stop working after that date. Microsoft is working on to be announced features that offer an alternative strategy for domain isolated web parts, but we strongly recommend to move away from domain isolated web parts.

To migrate your web parts, you will need to switch the “isDomainIsolated” property from the package-solution.json file to false, increment the version and redeploy your solution. Next to that you also need to ensure that the permissions granted to the domain isolated web part, listed under the “Isolated” grouping in the API access page of SharePoint admin center, are now granted as “Organization-wide” permissions. Check the Manage access to Microsoft Entra ID-secured APIs article to learn more.


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