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Java on Visual Studio Code Update – April 2020
Java on VS Code April update will show you the effect of latest performance improvements, new Java 14 support and semantic highlighting. Also including how to easily create new Java class, perform rename refactoring from file explorer and preview the proposed changes.
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Java on Visual Studio Code Update – March 2020
In this update, we will show you the performance improvements just released as well as currently under development. You will see Syntax Mode, the newly polished experience for standalone Java files. We'd also like to introduce you to the newly released SonarLint extension which helps you detect code quality and security issues on the fly.
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Java on Visual Studio Code Update – February 2020
In this update for Java on VS Code, we will show you the new ways to manage your dependencies and configure your multiple JDK. We will also show you the additional tools you can use with popular frameworks and runtimes such as Spring Boot and Quarkus. There're also a few new code actions and improvements to checkout.
Java on Visual Studio Code Update – January 2020
In this update for Java on VS Code, we're introducing the long-waited "Call Hierarchy" support along with some Visual Studio Code UI updates which will benefit Java developers a lot. At the same time, new features are also introduced to Debugger and Test Runner. We will also share some other improvements including performance in this post.
Java on Visual Studio Code November Update
Welcome to the November update of Java on Visual Studio Code. In this update, we'd like to share some improvements we've made for code editing experience, more code actions, Java 13 support for Gradle projects and new features in Test Runner and Checkstyle extensions. 
Java At Microsoft: From OpenJDK to Azure Spring Cloud
It’s been a fantastic year for Java developers. With the increased number of companies supporting the Java platform and providing distributions of OpenJDK, makes the Java ecosystem even stronger and enables customers to further their investments into Java applications. More recently Microsoft acquired jClarity to help form the Java Platfo
AOT Compilation in HotSpot: Introduction
Introduce the AOT Compiler that was introduced in Java 9 with the addition of the jaotc command-line utility. Explore some of the tradeoffs it needs to take, how the generated code fits in the Tiered Compilation pipeline, go through a simple example, and take a look at some alternatives (JIT at Startup, JIT caching, and Distributed JIT).