Fluid Framework 2 generally available in June

Kashif Qureshi

Today, we’re excited to announce that Fluid Framework 2 will be reaching general availability in late June.  

Fluid Framework is an open-source platform for building distributed, collaborative web apps that sync data in real time. It is the platform that powers Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Whiteboard, Edge Workspaces and various experiences built by our partners. Fluid Framework 2 contains the following major updates: 

  1. SharedTree DDS – A new, powerful and flexible DDS designed to keep hierarchical data synchronized between clients. 
  2. SharePoint Embedded support – A new relay and storage solution that allows you to keep the Fluid collaborative data within a Microsoft 365 tenant. 
  3. Fluid DevTools – A browser extension that helps developers when writing and debugging Fluid applications. 
  4. Typed Telemetry and App Insights support – A flexible package that provides Typed telemetry events that you can funnel to your analytics tool of choice or use the included Azure App Insights connector for data visualization and analysis. 

In the following video from the Microsoft Build conference, you can see Fluid Framework 2 in action with an AI-driven collaborative experience:

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