Announcing Microsoft Graph PHP 2.0.0-RC19

Isaac Vargas Chacon

In July 2022, we announced the public preview of the first Kiota generated SDK for PHP. Today we are announcing the new RC19 version. Since the RC5 announcement, we have improved many of the common scenarios to give you time back to focus on quality and design. The following are some of the improvements you can expect in this new release candidate.

Initialization and auth

We simplified the authentication setup, abstracting some of the initialization code, so you can start working with calls in less lines.

Fluent experience to build requests

Following the community’s advice to improve fluent experience, we designed a new pattern to build requests, making the process more intuitive and improving discoverability.

Screenshot showing an example of the fluent experience. When you type, the IDE suggest the next command to add.

New features

During this year we have introduced new features apart from the retry handler. Some of them are:

Page iterator: simplifies consuming responses carrying paged collections.

Batch request builder: combines multiple requests in a single call with ease.

Large file uploader: slices your files larger than 3MB into bytes and progressively uploads them until completion.

Try out the new RC19 version

Get started now by updating your composer.json and running `composer update` in your environment.

Take a moment to read our Getting started guide and please don’t hesitate to open an issue in our repository for any errors or breaking changes you encounter that we didn’t include in our guide.

Learn more about Microsoft Graph SDKs

The SDK includes a set of tools, libraries, and documentation that make it easy to get started building applications that take advantage of the rich data and insights available through Microsoft Graph API.

Start saving time and removing complexity in your code today. Sign up for the Microsoft 365 Developer Program to get a free Microsoft 365 developer. We also recommend that you join our Microsoft 365 Platform community calls and events and get involved with other developers who use Microsoft Graph and build solutions for Microsoft 365.

Here are some additional resources we have pulled together to help you get started.

Happy coding!


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  • Manuel H. 0

    Just stumbled over this post, do you have a rough estimate, when we can expect 2.0 GA? Still waiting with migration from 1.0 because of breaking changes that are still happening between RC releases.

    • Isaac VargasMicrosoft employee 0

      Hello Manuel, thank you for your interest. We are very close to release the 2.0.0 GA. We hope to release in the next few weeks. I’d love to understand better your scenarios, please ping me and let’s chat:

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