Announcing the HackTogether: Microsoft Teams Global Hack winners

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We’re excited to announce the winners of HackTogether: Teams Global Hack.

What is HackTogether: Teams Global Hack?

From June 1-15, 2023 we ran HackTogether: Teams Global Hack – a virtual hackathon for developers to get started building apps for Microsoft Teams.

In this hackathon, participants learned why they should build apps for Teams and what types of apps they can build. We showed how to build apps for Teams using the latest technologies such as the Teams AI Library, LiveShare SDK and Microsoft Teams Toolkit. Participants also had a chance to meet Microsoft’s Product Group Leaders, Cloud Advocates and MVPs. Each submitted app had a chance to win exciting prizes.

The winners

We received some great submissions and were truly impressed with your creativity. We appreciate that everyone has their own journey with technology: while some have been working with Microsoft 365 for many years, others are just beginning. When judging the submissions, we looked at how innovative the app is, how does it help users and how it delivers on the promise of its category. After reviewing all hacks, we selected the following as the winners.

🏆 Grand prize winner: Live patient review

Multidisciplinary consultation (MDC or MDO in Dutch) meetings take play in a physical room. During the meeting, the doctors discuss multiple cases: how the patient is doing and what needs to be changed about their treatment. Whether it’s a change of medication or a procedure. Typically, doctors discuss 4-6 cases. A meeting like that, with 10 specialists, can take several hours. One of the key challenges is that doctors often might need to leave the room to tend to emergencies. What if doctors could stay in the meeting while tending to an emergency, and lose as little context as possible?

We loved how this app used multiplayer capabilities of apps for Microsoft Teams using LiveShare SDK. By being a part of the meeting, the app brings all relevant information to specialists in the context of their work allowing them to collaborate on patients’ recovery.

More information about the project

🏅 Best AI-powered solution: Knowledge Quest Teams Bot

The Knowledge Quest Teams Bot is an interactive Chat Bot application designed to allow users to test their knowledge on specific topics using the power of OpenAI. The app provides an engaging and educational experience where users can challenge themselves and expand their knowledge in various areas.

Here, we were impressed by the creativity of using AI to come up with self-assessment questions on a given topic, but also the attention to detail and the user experience of the app.

More information about the project

🏅 Best productivity-focused solution: Guest user overview in Teams

This app is a tool that lets admins get an overview of which guests are in their tenant, and from there perform the most common user management tasks.

This project meets a common need that Microsoft 365 tenant admin have when managing their tenant. We were impressed by the app’s polish and usability and how it truly boosts admins’ productivity.

More information about the project

🏅 Community hack winner: DocAssistant – AI powered app for answering questions for any documentation or documents

DocAssistant helps people breeze through documentation and get to the heart of what matters. Whether you’re a customer support specialist or a budding business analyst, DocAssistant will be your trusty sidekick in navigating the world of documents.

With this cutting-edge app, you’ll no longer need to spend endless hours poring over lengthy manuals or technical documentation. Simply upload your document, ask the questions that matter most to you, and let DocAssistant do the heavy lifting. It’s as easy as that!

Our European Collaboration Summit judges were impressed with the scenario and the ingenuity to use AI to help people understand content, even when it’s in a language they haven’t mastered. Talking about an impactful app!

More information about the project

Image DocAssist

🏅 One more thing: special jury picks

Since we’ve got so many cool submissions, we decided to recognize three more projects with a special jury prize: each winning team will get one $100 Azure pass.

These projects caught our attention with their ingenuity, innovative use of our technologies and user experience.

Here’s a compilation of the winning hacks:

There were many more creative apps showing the art of possible with building apps for Microsoft Teams. Have a look at other apps on GitHub at

Congratulations 💜

Congratulations and thank you all who joined us for the hackathon. Whether you got a prize or not, to us you’re all winners. You decided to learn a new skill and took deliberate effort towards it. We find this worth applause 👏

In the coming days, all of you who submitted an app will receive a digital badge that shows your participation in the hackathon. Don’t hesitate to share it with others because it’s something you can be proud of.

We’d also like to thank you for all product feedback that you’ve shared with us. It helps our product groups improve the tools and services they build for you to use. We’d appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes to fill in a survey and help us learn from you to improve our hackathons in the future:

Special thanks to the European Collaboration Summit community for their collaboration throughout the hackathon and sponsoring the community prizes!

Continue your journey in the community 🎉

The hackathon ends, but your journey doesn’t have to. Join the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform Community to find like-minded people, attend community calls, and explore resources to see what other apps you can build! We look forward to seeing you again in the community!

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