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How to Make Use Of PowerShell Profile Files

Q: I would like to personalize the way that PowerShell works. I have heard that I can use a thing called a profile to do this, but when I try to find information about profiles, I come up blank. There is no New-Profile cmdlet, so I do not see how to create such a thing. Can you help me, please? A: Profiles are a powerful part of PowerShell ...

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Introducing Collection of New Visual Studio Themes!

We are on a journey to make Visual Studio more flexible than ever, so that you can make the IDE work just the way you like it! One of our key focus areas for Visual Studio 2022 is to build a personal, flexible IDE that you can make your own. We’ve teamed up with theme authors from the community to test a new tool that converts VS Code themes...

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Join us: AI in government

Join us Sept. 29 to hear speakers from NASA’s Johnson Space Center discuss some of the innovative AI projects they’re driving; and also from Microsoft on AI strategies, best practices, and the latest technologies that will enable the executive order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence at the Azure Government meetup.

Introducing Azure DevOps Audit Stream

Auditing is important in any environment and solution, to get a view on who is doing what, typically from a compliance or governance perspective. In most scenarios, the solution allows you to store auditing to a logfile. The downside is that nobody is really watching over the logs, until something goes wrong. Auditing is enabled by default ...