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Image PyTorch DirectML Arc
Introducing PyTorch-DirectML: Train your machine learning models on any GPU

The Windows AI team is excited to announce the first preview of DirectML as a backend to PyTorch for training ML models! This release is our first step towards unlocking accelerated machine learning training for PyTorch on any DirectX12 GPU on Windows and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). In order for you to take advantage of DirectML ...

Image IntegralGaussian
RichEdit Place Holder

Sometimes you need a text box that cues the user to type something in, such as, “Start a conversation”. As soon as the user types something, the cue text vanishes, and the user sees what the user typed. If the user deletes all the text, the cue text reappears. Such a text box is called a place-holder control. The Microsoft 365 RichEdit has...