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Improving PIX, thanks to your feedback!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the PIX on Windows survey we sent out! It’s been awesome for us to see the sheer number of responses that came in from people all over the industry who care about our product – it’s because of you that we’re constantly striving to create a premium debugging and profiling experience on ...

No more .project metadata files
Say goodbye to ".project" files in Language Support for Java™ 1.1.0

Recent 1.1.0 release of Language Support for Java™ contains an important update: now when the extension imports a new Java project, the project metadata files ( .project , .classpath , settings, etc.) will no longer be generated in the project path by default. This issue was reported more than three years ago and it has been there since 2018...

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DevOps for Quantum Computing

This blog post shows how DevOps practices need to adapt when software includes both classical and quantum components, resulting in a repeatable, high-quality process for building, deploying, and monitoring hybrid quantum software.