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Steve Jin

We’re excited to continue our commitment to supporting our esteemed Office Add-ins developer community with another significant development. Building on our previous efforts, we’re establishing a channel for developers to access a variety of free Microsoft Partner programs, providing a bridge to valuable benefits and resources. These programs and resources are designed to amplify your enthusiasm and drive your success on our platform even further. This second release is part of an ongoing series of initiatives aimed at empowering and rewarding our dedicated developer community.

ISV Success

If you’re an ISV (Independent Software Vendors) operating in a B2B (business-to-business) model and intend to publish Office Add-ins with integrated AI capabilities to Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, ISV Success can assist you in developing innovative applications, accelerating your time to market with and through Microsoft, and reaching a broader audience of end customers to deliver exceptional experiences.

ISV Success is an offering within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program designed to accelerate AI innovation across a broad spectrum of development projects, including Office Add-ins. ISV Success provides a variety of benefits, including developer sandboxes with cloud credits for Azure and Azure Standard Support Plan. It also offers a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription with 25 seats available. Developers can access best-in-class tools such as GitHub Enterprise Cloud with 20 seats and Visual Studio Enterprise cloud subscriptions with 25 seats. Furthermore, ISV Success offers a dedicated engagement manager and 1:1 consultations for enrolled partners.

You can apply to ISV Success via the application form on ISV Hub. Inquires can also be sent to

Generative AI Course

We are thrilled to introduce Microsoft’s latest free learning course to help you embark on an exciting journey into the realm of generative AI – one of the most innovative frontiers in artificial intelligence: Get Started Building with Generative AI. Crafted by cloud advocates and experts in the field, this comprehensive course now boasts 18 lessons packed with everything you need to kickstart your journey into generative AI. In this course, you’ll delve into the fundamental concepts of generative models, large language models (LLMs), prompt engineering, and more. With hands-on projects, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own generative AI applications using Python or TypeScript. Plus, gain access to powerful OpenAI models through Azure OpenAI Service or OpenAI API.

Hosted on GitHub, this course allows you to effortlessly fork the entire repository into your own account, enabling you to learn at your own pace. Each lesson is thoughtfully curated with a video introduction, a comprehensive written guide, code examples, challenges, and additional resources to facilitate continuous learning.

Designed for beginners with a basic understanding of Python or TypeScript, this course welcomes anyone intrigued by the world of generative AI. No prior experience with AI or deep learning is required – just a passion for exploring and a willingness to learn.

Embracing Modernization for COM Add-in

Are you looking to extend your COM (including VSTO and VBA) add-ins to the modern Office.JS platform? We understand the challenges involved in transitioning from COM to JS, which is why we are in a mission to create a comprehensive set of guidelines and resources and tools to streamline your process. Our mission is to make your journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

We are currently collaborating with selected partners, as we continue to progress, we welcome more developers to join us in this initiative. Whether you’re just beginning or in the midst of your journey, we will offer resources and guidelines to help you transition to Office.JS smoothly. Take advantage of this opportunity to modernize your add-ins, including AI capabilities integration, and leverage the latest features of the Office platform. Join us today and be part of the future of Office Add-ins!

We’re excited to introduce ‘Editor’s Picks’ program designed to boost the visibility of your add-ins and connect you with a broader audience of potential users. Our program features a curated list of recommended add-ins, selected based on their merit, to showcase innovative and high-quality add-ins on our platform. This list will give your add-in the spotlight it deserves and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. We’ll also be running a social media push for recommended add-ins, leveraging the influence of social media to showcase your add-ins to our growing audience of end users. This social media exposure can help you attract new users and drive more installation for your add-ins.

Join us in this exciting opportunity to elevate your add-in’s exposure and make a lasting impact on the Office Add-in ecosystem.


We invite all interested developers to participate in this initiative by filling out our registration form. This form serves as a means for you to get in touch with a Microsoft employee who can assist you in accessing all these offerings more smoothly. To express interest, fill out the registration form.

More offerings coming soon

In the coming months, we remain dedicated to unveiling a variety of new offerings. These will include exclusive benefits and opportunities for enhanced exposure for your Office add-ins, each designed to elevate your experience and contribute to your success.

As we continue on this journey together, we invite you to stay tuned for further announcements and updates. Your feedback and insights are incredibly valuable, guiding our initiative to meet your needs and aspirations.

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  • Joelon Bitmal 1


    Getting an issue when setting up the Sandbox.
    “Your phone number did not pass security checks.”

  • Matias Jauregui 7

    Thank you for joining. You don’t current qualify for a Microsoft 365 Developer Program sandbox subscription. 🙁

  • Paola Miller 1

    Hello Steve,

    Since your colleague Kelly has closed comments in her topic “Stay ahead of the game with the latest updates to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program” ( maybe you can provide us (Microsoft customers) some information. It’s been over 2 months since the Microsoft Delevoper Program was closed for registration, so when it will be available for everyone again? Do you have any roadmap with any approximate dates? Should we wait another one month more? Or you will open the registration for everybody only in 6 months, 1 year or some other long period of time?

    • Kody Jordan 2

      I think it’s pretty unacceptable how this whole thing is being handled and communicated, especially now that they’ve just closed off the only avenue of discussion that was availible for anyone. No documentation, no discussion, no answers. Time to spin up a Trailblazer environment and start learning Salesforce instead I guess. Hope they choose to do something sooner then later.

    • Raymond Pastoriamy 1

      This is very unacceptable! I paid an online learning service and the free Microsoft 365 Developer Program was the cornerstone of their programs! Now that I cannot use these online platforms anymore, I plan to let them know and have THEM reach out to you to re-open this platform! I am sure that after other students in their programs learn about this and it starts affecting the learning institutions bottom line, someone over there gets kicked off their job for doing this BS!!!!

  • Helaru Helamith Kaviraj 5

    “you don’t current qualify for a microsoft 365 developer program sandbox subscription.” please solve this issue. i think the sandbox again stopped….

  • Thomas Wenzel 1


    I and many others have lost our ongoing access to the Microsoft Developer E5 subscription due to the changes made in January. On the previous blog post regarding the Developer Program being suspended for such customers, it was stated that there would be an update regarding the return of this subscription within 2-3 weeks. It has now been two months since that statement, and there has not been an update.

    Please let us know when we can expect to access the Developer subscription again. My license originally stated it was going to be deactivated mid-June due to this change, but that date has suddenly changed to April 21st.

  • pabel buleje osores 1

    Thank you for joining. You don’t current qualify for a Microsoft 365 Developer Program sandbox subscription.

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