OData property changes to callRecords change notifications in Microsoft Graph

Matthew McGrath

We’re announcing an upcoming breaking change for developers using webhook change notifications for the callRecords Microsoft Graph API.

With Microsoft Graph, you can receive webhook change notifications to get information about recent calls and meetings. Effective April 20, 2023, we’ll introduce OData property changes to Microsoft Graph callRecords change notifications.

About the breaking change

In a callRecord webhook subscription, the resourceData field contains two entries that will be renamed. To provide a transition period and allow consumers of these notifications to test their applications, starting on April 20, 2023, we will provide both naming conventions within the resourceData payload. The following table shows the old and the new field names.

Current field name New field name
oDataId @odata.id
oDataType @odata.type

What you need to do to prepare

You can continue using the old fields while you update your applications with the new naming convention. Please note that as a part of this change, the content in the new @odata.type field will be #Microsoft.Graph.callrecord and the content in the old oDataType field will remain #microsoft.graph.callrecord.

In late October 2023, after a six-month transition period, the old naming convention will be fully deprecated and removed from the notification. After that point, only @odata.id and @odata.type will remain in the notifications. We will provide a separate blog post as notification of this deprecation as that date approaches.



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