Make your Office Add-in successful by harnessing free Microsoft Partner programs!

Steve Jin

We’re delighted to share a significant development in our commitment to recognizing and supporting the exceptional efforts of our esteemed Office Add-ins developer community. We are actively building bridges for you to access various free Microsoft Partner incentive programs, which you can leverage to amplify your passion and boost your success on our platform. These initial offerings mark the beginning of a comprehensive series of encouragement initiatives.  

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub  

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a platform that helps accelerate innovation by providing access to AI services, expert guidance, and essential technology. Startups can build with AI from day one with free OpenAI credits and Azure AI services and deploy with peace of mind with Azure’s secure and responsible AI infrastructure. Startups can access unlimited 1:1 meetings with experts from Microsoft, M12, and other partners to solve technical and business challenges. Startups can get up to $150k in Azure credits, GitHub Enterprise, VS Code, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn Premium, and more. 

Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program 

In addition to the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, we’re excited to share the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program—an opportunity for your Office Add-in to stand out. By completing the Microsoft 365 Certification for your add-in and publishing it, you gain dedicated badges and filters in Microsoft 365 storefronts and admin portals, showcasing your commitment to alleviating customer security concerns. This badge not only enhances visibility but also builds trust with users, making your add-in a preferred choice. Achieving the certification is free and will help you lay the foundation for industry best practices when it comes to security and compliance. 

Sound interesting? 

We invite all interested developers to express their intent to participate in this initiative by filling out our registration form. This form serves as a means for you to get in touch with a Microsoft employee who can offer a referral to streamline your application process. To express interest, fill out the registration form. 

More offerings coming soon! 

In the upcoming months, we’re committed to introducing a range of offerings. From exclusive benefits to privileged opportunities for exposure to your Office Add-ins, each offering is curated to enhance your experience and contribute to your success. 

As we embark on this collective journey, we encourage you to stay tuned for future announcements and updates. Your feedback and insights are invaluable and will help shape the trajectory of our initiative based on your needs and aspirations. 

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