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UPDATE: We’ve issued a correction on this blog, please see the updated version here: Microsoft Graph Data Connect pricing updates

We are announcing pricing updates to Microsoft Graph Data Connect that take effect starting July 1, 2023. The following month, Microsoft Graph Data Connect will officially exit public preview become generally available on August 1, 2023. This pricing update will apply to both new and existing customers.

What is Microsoft Graph Data Connect?

Microsoft Graph Data Connect is a secure, scalable data service designed to help you quickly copy relevant Microsoft 365 datasets for custom analytics and insights into people productivity, business process, customer relationship, and security and compliance.

Updated Pricing

Starting July 1, 2023, we are discontinuing the current promotional pricing of $0.375 cents per 1K objects copied (50% off standard price. The updated pricing is $0.75 cents per 1K objects pulled (see below),

Microsoft Graph Data Connect objects $0.75 per 1K objects extracted


“Get started” promo pricing

Also starting on July 1, 2023, we are introducing a limited-time promo: the first 100K basic objects accessed per tenant per billing period are not charged (estimated at $75 per billing period). Basic objects are defined as datasets generated from raw customer created content and inputs from Microsoft 365 applications and services.

This is designed to ease the process of testing and developing new analytical models. When your model is ready, scale the project up to consume more of your organization’s Microsoft 365 data. This promo goes into effect on July 1, 2023 and will remain in effect until June 30, 2024 (one year duration).

Microsoft Graph Data Connect objects $0.00 per 1K basic objects extracted (for first 100K objects extracted each billing period)


As part of this update, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Group datasets are reclassified as “basic objects” so the promo pricing will apply accordingly. In addition, SharePoint datasets are moving out of public preview to be generally available. This update makes AAD, Microsoft Groups, and SharePoint datasets uniform with other “basic objects.”

Tiered discounts

In addition to helping you stand up new analytics projects, we also want to help you manage costs when building large-scale data projects. To do this, we are implementing the following tiered discounts (see chart below). As your Microsoft Graph Data Connect usage scales up, your costs scale down.

For example, if you pulled 52M objects, the first 100K objects will be free, objects from 100K to 10M will have no discount, objects from 10M to 50M will have a 5% discount, and objects over 50M (in this case 2M) will have a 10% discount on the listed price (see below).

Objects per billing period​​ Discount​ Price after Volume Discount
0 -100K Free (promo pricing) $0* (one-year promo)
100K – 10M​ 0​%​ $0.75/1K objects
10M – 50M​ 5%​ $0.71/1K objects
50M – 100M​ 10%​ $0.68/1K objects
100M+​ 15% $0.64/1K objects


Projected savings based on volume of data extracted:

  Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
Objects consumed per billing period.


5 M 25 M 125 M
Estimates without “promo or tiered discounts.” 5M/1000 * 0.75 = $3,750 25M/1000 * 0.75 = $18,750 125M/1000 * 0.75 = $93,750


Effective bill by tier (discounts applied) – starting on 7/1/2023 (shown below)
0 – 100K objects 100K/1K * $0 =


100K/1K * $0 =


100K/1K * $0 =


100K – 10M objects 4.9M/1K * $0.75 = $3,675 9.9M/1K * $0.75 = $7,425 9.9M/1K * $0.75 = $7,425
10M – 50M objects 15M/1K * $0.71 = $10,650 40M/1K * $0.71 =


50M – 100M objects 50M/1K * $0.68 = $34,000
100M+ objects 25M/1K * $0.64 = $16,000
Effective bill total cost and savings
Total cost ($) $3,675 (vs $3,750) $18,075 (vs $18,750) $85,825 (vs $93,750)
Your savings (%) 2.0% ($75) 3.6% ($675) 8.4% ($7,925)

*Numbers above are estimations based on volume of data extracted.

To learn more about how Microsoft Graph Data Connect can help unlock your organizational insights visit:  Microsoft Graph Data Connect | Access data in bulk

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