New Microsoft Graph callRecords API capabilities

Matthew McGrath

We are pleased to announce new capabilities for Microsoft Graph callRecords API in response to some of our top customer requests. Launching in late March, these new capabilities will simplify and expand the ways developers can access call records by listing and filtering available records. The callRecords API provides usage and diagnostic information about the calls and online meetings that occur within your organization when using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

List and filter call records

A new List method can be used to list all available call records for your organization. The returned list can be filtered using the $filter parameter to only return records that are relevant to specific search criteria, such as a call participant’s Entra object id or a time range based on a call startDateTime.

While our existing change notifications remain available for consumers to receive notifications as new call records are available, the new list functionality provides an easy way to fetch all available records on-demand and simplifies the process of retrieving call records that include specific participants or that occur during a specific time range.

Participant and organizer changes

As a part of this change, we are introducing two new objects to our call record: participants_v2 and organizer_v2. These new objects, representing a call participant and a call organizer respectively, will now include a user’s User Principal Name for additional context on user identity. Additionally, participants_v2 is now expandable and paginated to fully reflect all users in large meetings and includes a dedicated method to list participants in a call.

Please note that the legacy participant and organizer attributes on the call record object are deprecated with the introduction of these new objects. We will continue supporting these deprecated attributes for a 36-month transition period.

These changes are now available in Beta and will be generally available worldwide in late March. Support for GCC High and DoD cloud environments will release later this year. We are thrilled to provide these new ways of interacting with the callRecords API and hope you find them useful.

Happy coding!


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    Love this Matt !!!
    Thanks for getting this done.

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