Building applications on the Microsoft Cloud: A guide for enterprise application leaders

Dan Wahlin

If you’re an enterprise IT leader, you don’t need to know every detail of the technologies your organization uses. You do, however, need to understand the big picture. What technologies should your people use? How do those technologies fit together? And most important, what choices will provide the most business value going forward?

The Microsoft Cloud, which includes Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, GitHub, Dynamics 365, and more, illustrates this challenge. While many enterprise application development leaders understand the value of creating applications on Azure, the truth is that you can use the entire Microsoft Cloud as an application platform. Since your organization is likely already using many Microsoft Cloud components, it makes sense to create applications that build on the services they provide.

The Microsoft Cloud provides a unified set of services that applications can use.Figure 1: The Microsoft Cloud provides a unified set of services that applications can use.

To give you a big-picture view of this topic, we created a guide to building applications on the Microsoft Cloud. This overview is aimed specifically at enterprise app development leaders. The goal is to help you make better decisions about creating applications on the Microsoft Cloud.

The guide walks you through a pictorial example showing how a typical enterprise application can benefit from using the Microsoft Cloud. Starting with a simple diagram, the example expands to show how different aspects of the Microsoft Cloud can be used together, all in service of building better enterprise applications.

Detailed Microsoft Cloud architecture for customers and employees

If you’re an enterprise application development leader, reading this will give you the perspective you need to get the most out of your organization’s investment in the Microsoft Cloud. Why not make your applications as good as they can be?

Check out the guide: Building Applications on the Microsoft Cloud: A Guide for Enterprise Application Leaders



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