Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET week 1 recap and what’s coming

Waldek Mastykarz

Last week we launched “Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET” – a virtual hackathon all about building apps with Microsoft Graph and .NET. Here’s what happened last week and what’s still to come. 

What happened in week 1 of Hack Together? 

Last week, we opened the virtual hackathon with a keynote by Yina Arenas (Partner Group Program Manager Microsoft Graph) and Scott Hanselman (Partner Program Manager). Yina and Scott walked us through what Microsoft Graph is and what different types of data that you can get from it. 

Yina Arenas and Scott Hanselman presenting at the Hack Together keynote

Scott also showed us his .NET hack: an application to help him remember when to replace his glucose sensor and insulin pump – all using Microsoft Graph! 

Screenshot of code of a .NET app demoed by Scott Hanselman 

📺 Watch the hackathon keynote on demand 

We continued the hackathon, by diving deeper into Microsoft Graph. Our guests Rabeb Othmani (Senior Product Manager Microsoft Graph) and Maisa Rissi (Product Manager Microsoft Graph) showed us what tools are available for you to explore data on Microsoft Graph and how to use code snippets from Microsoft Graph Explorer to start building your first app using .NET! 

Conceptual picture of a graph showing connections between people and elements such as messages and documents 

Screenshot of a .NET app in Visual Studio Code demoed by Maisa Rissi

📺 Watch the session on demand 

We’ve also seen some great questions from hackathon participants during the live sessions as well as on our GitHub repo. What’s exciting to see is that not only is everyone already working on some cool projects, but that participants have also been helping each other to get their code up and running! That’s a true community! 

What’s coming in week 2 of Hack Together? 

In this second week of Hack Together, we’ll host a live “Ask the Experts” session. We’ll be joined by members of the Microsoft Graph product team and .NET and Microsoft 365 advocates. This will be the session for you to ask questions about building apps using .NET and Microsoft Graph. 

March 8, 2023, 4:00PM GMT | Join live | Ask the experts: meet the Microsoft Graph and .NET teams 

Promotional image showing speakers and time for the Ask the expert session on March 8 at 4pm GMT

Join live: https://aka.ms/hack-together/session03 

What’s this session about? 

You’ve seen a lot and learned a lot together with us. We bet that you’ve got some great questions that you’d like to ask us. 

Join members of the Microsoft Graph product group, and Microsoft 365 and .NET Developer Advocates to answer any and all questions you have about building .NET apps connected. to Microsoft Graph. Don’t miss this opportunity! 


  • Maisa Rissi – Product Manager Microsoft Graph 
  • Brian Jackett – Principal Product Manager Microsoft Graph 
  • Andrew Omondi – Senior Software Engineer Microsoft Graph
  • Justin Yoo – Senior Cloud Advocate .NET 

Final word 

Although we started last week, it’s still not too late to join us. Head to https://aka.ms/hack-together to register, build your hack and make a chance to win some exciting prizes! We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll build!


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