Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v4 adds enhanced features – now in preview

Microsoft Graph team

The Microsoft Graph SDKs are designed to simplify building high-quality, efficient and resilient applications accessing Microsoft Graph. Integrate your app with the Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v4, now available in public preview, and leverage new modern development features.

New features and improvements

This new version of the SDK has many improvements, including:

New and improved authentication API based on the Azure Identity client library.

  • You can now use a single API to authenticate against Microsoft Graph and Azure .NET clients. Azure Identity adds support for a variety of credential classes capable of acquiring a token to authenticate service requests.

New support for JSON serialization and deserialization.

  • Use System.Text.Json library that is now a part of the .NET platform instead of Newtonsoft.Json for JSON serialization and deserialization.

Easy access to response information.

  • Access response headers, status code and even deserialize the response in your own custom way through the new GraphResponse<> object. The use of fluent APIs from the service libraries essentially remains the same. The default response handler no longer adds HTTP status code and headers into the AdditionalData property.

Better experience upgrading dependencies.

Next steps

  • Check out this GitHub post to access the upgrade guide containing details about these improvements.
  • Add the new SDK to your project by running the following command in the Package Manager Console:
Install-Package Microsoft.Graph -PreRelease

Try out the new version today!

Try out this new preview version and let us know what you think on GitHub! Ask questions at Microsoft Q&A.


Happy coding!

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