Announcing general availability of Microsoft Graph APIs for Microsoft Teams meeting recordings

Ayan Chakraborty

We are thrilled to announce that the Microsoft Graph APIs for retrieving Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are now generally available. These APIs enable app developers to retrieve meeting recordings programmatically for scheduled calendar meetings. Channel meetings are not supported yet. Now Developers can build apps that fetch the recording content for meetings to power scenarios including reviewing past meeting recordings, sharing meeting highlights as video snippets, and creating a library of best practices to help in training & onboarding.

Apps in industries like Sales Enablement, HR/interviewing, and meeting management would especially benefit from using these APIs for the above scenarios to supercharge meeting productivity for their users.

How to use Microsoft Graph APIs to fetch meeting recordings

To use the Microsoft Graph APIs for meeting recordings, you need to have a Microsoft Teams meeting with recordings enabled. During the meeting, the organizer/participant needs to go to meeting controls and turn on Start Recording, as described in Record a meeting in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Support.

The new callRecording resource type represents the recording associated with an online meeting.

You can list all the recordings associated with an online meeting by using the List recordings API. When you have the callRecording Id, you can call the following API to fetch the recording content:

Screenshot of Get Recording content response exampleFigure 1: Get Recording content response example

Change notifications

We also support APIs to subscribe to change notifications for when a recording content is available. You can subscribe to change notifications for recordings at three levels:

  • Tenant level: To get change notifications for any recording that is available for any online meeting in a tenant, subscribe to communications/onlineMeetings/getAllRecordings.
  • Meeting level: To get change notifications for any recording that is available for a particular online meeting, subscribe to communications/onlineMeetings/{onlineMeetingId}/recordings.
  • User level: To get change notifications for any recording for any online meeting organized by a specific user, subscribe to users/{userId}/onlineMeetings/getAllRecordings.

For more information about how to get started with these APIs, see Get meeting transcripts and recordings.

Billing requirements for meeting transcript APIs

The API to get the recording content is metered. For details about pricing, see the Microsoft Teams Recording and Transcript APIs billing in public preview blog post and Payment requirements for meeting APIs. .  

Related APIs that complement the recording APIs when building applications for Teams meeting scenarios are also available. For details, you can review the following resources: 

For more information about Microsoft Teams APIs, visit Use the Microsoft Graph API to work with Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Learn 

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