Announcing Teams JS SDK v2 in public preview: Extend Teams apps across Microsoft 365

Zakiullah Khan

Following up on our recent announcement at Ignite, we are excited to share the availability of the Microsoft Teams JS SDK v2 now in public preview, which unlocks the ability for developers to begin extending Microsoft Teams apps across Microsoft 365. Now, apps built for Teams not only run everywhere Teams runs, but also in more of the places users spend their time in Microsoft 365, like Outlook and In time, this means that developers will have the ability to reach hundreds of millions of Microsoft 365 users and support a hybrid world with a single code base.

Using this new branch of the Teams JS SDK, you can now extend your Teams’ personal tabs to Outlook and, and also extend search-based message extensions to Outlook. Meanwhile, Teams app capabilities like bots, configurable tabs, webhooks, connectors, and action commands will continue to work within Teams when using the preview version of the SDK and the app manifest. Also, the Teams Toolkit Preview now provides an option to guide through the process of extending new or existing Teams app to start exploring the new capabilities of Teams JS SDK v2.

Polly and ServiceNow Personal Tab in Outlook on Windows (Beta Channel)

Polly and Service Now personal tab apps running in Outlook

What can you do with Teams JS SDK v2 starting today?

  • Extend existing Teams’ Personal Tabs to Outlook for Windows (Beta Channel) using Teams Toolkit.
  • Customize the look and feel of personal tabs based on where they are running i.e., Teams or Outlook.
  • Open and compose Calendar & Mail items from personal tabs in Outlook for Windows (Beta Channel).
  • Discover sideloaded personal tabs using App Flyout in Teams & Outlook for Windows (Beta Channel).

To get started, refer to the developer documentation and to see everything that’s new and improved in this release, check out the changelog on GitHub. Please note: to test personal tabs built using the Teams JS SDK v2 in Outlook for Windows (Beta Channel), follow these instructions.

What can you expect next from the Teams JS SDK v2?

  • Support for personal tabs in Target Release version of &
  • Support for search-based message extensions in Outlook for Windows (Beta Channel).
  • Support for search-based message extensions in the Target Release version of

We would like to thank our private preview partners for their feedback in shaping our public preview release and improving our developer experience.

Private preview partners who shared feedback in shaping our public preview release

Share Feedback!

Preview is the perfect time to give us feedback, and we want to hear from you! Let us know your experience working with Teams JS SDK v2 via Microsoft Teams and report any issues on GitHub. This release will be updated often. Follow us on Twitter @Microsoft365Dev to stay up to date on the latest announcements.

Looking forward to seeing what you build next.

Happy Coding!



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