Microsoft Teams App Camp in a Box is now available

Bob German

Perhaps you’ve heard about Microsoft Teams App Camp, an on-demand workshop where developers can learn to extend existing web apps to become full-featured Microsoft Teams applications. You can find it at It’s loaded with videos and hands-on labs that you can complete at your own pace.

App Camp can also be used as the basis for live workshops, both in person or online, ranging from envisioning sessions for a general audience to deep dive hands-on workshops for developers. This is how we tested the App Camp content initially – before finalizing the on-demand workshop, we ran multiple live sessions for startups, ISV partners, and Microsoft employees to gather feedback while helping them learn.

The App Camp labs begin with a simple web application, which is then extended to be a full-featured, monetized Teams application

The App Camp labs begin with a simple web application, which is then extended to be a full-featured, monetized Teams application

Today, based on popular demand, I’m pleased to announce the release of “App Camp in a Box”, which includes all the materials needed to run your own App Camp workshop. You can find it at This includes sample agendas, delivery guidance, and all the slides used in the App Camp videos, complete with detailed notes on nearly every slide. Of course the labs work the same either way, and because the setup is minimal, most students can run them on their Windows. Mac, or Linux computer without a need for any paid subscriptions or other purchases.

Here are some ideas on how this can be used:

  • Run an envisioning workshop for stakeholders who are considering building or extending an app into Teams
  • Run a customized development workshop for a team building or extending an app into Microsoft Teams
  • Lead a blended workshop which begins with introductory material and then encourages students to do the labs on their own
  • Lead a seminar or webinar on app monetization for an audience that already has a non-monetized Teams application
  • Reuse App Camp slides and demos in conference sessions or other training

Leading your own App Camp workshop allows you to customize it for a specific audience and can save many hours compared with building a new workshop from scratch. And it’s all open source – so you can submit issues and pull requests right in the GitHub repository, and the content will be updated over time.

So if you’re interested in building a Teams app, please check out the App Camp on demand workshop, and if you’d like to share it with others, head over to the App Camp in a Box material.

Thanks and have fun at App Camp!


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