Retirement of Teams live events API on Microsoft Graph

Sam Chung

Annie Wang

We recently announced the retiring of Teams live events. For our commercial customers, this retirement is scheduled for September 30, 2024 (government cloud dates will be released at a future date). Up until this date, Teams live events and the corresponding Microsoft Graph APIs will continue to work as they do today. However, after September 30, 2024, all Teams live events services will no longer function. This means users will not be able to schedule or join any Teams live events and all Team live events Microsoft Graph API service calls will stop working after September 30, 2024.

Teams live events will be replaced by a new town hall feature that allows users to create live events built on the meeting infrastructure. This creates a more consistent experience between large scale streaming events (like Teams live events and town halls) and the Teams meetings experience that users are familiar with. Town hall will be backed by new Microsoft Graph APIs that we expect to release in Spring 2024.

Next steps

Until the replacement town hall APIs are available, you won’t be able to convert your applications from Teams live events to town hall. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Review your applications and take inventory of any apps that might be calling Teams live events Microsoft Graph APIs.
  2. Start creating and testing town halls through the Teams client. This will help you become familiar with the new streaming experience so that you can convert your Teams live events to town hall-powered events.
  3. Mark your calendar and look for upcoming news about town halls and the upcoming Microsoft Graph APIs.

When the new town hall APIs are released, we will make an announcement and you can start updating your applications to the new town hall experience.

For more information about Microsoft Graph APIs, visit the Microsoft Graph Dev Center.

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