Introducing SharePoint Starter Kit

We are happy to announce the availability of a new SharePoint Starter Kit open-source project, which can be used to demonstrate possibilities with the communications sites and group associate team sites in Office 365.

Securing API requests from Kaizala action

There are scenarios where you may want to query your service from within the Kaizala card. While the APIs to be queried are public (without any authentication), you can query them directly. But, in case you want to secure your APIs to make sure the calls are made by the particular user from within the Kaizala card alone – you use the Integration Service token. This post explains how you generate this token and subsequently validate this on the service side.

Excel JavaScript API 1.7 goes GA

We're pleased to announce that the Excel JavaScript 1.7 API is now generally available! We received lots of great feedback on the design of the APIs during the beta period and we appreciate your active participation.