Restarting billing on Teams Chat Export APIs; new API enhancements

Srisudha Mahadevan

On July 1, 2023, we announced that we were pausing billing for “chats: getAllMessages” calls made on the Teams Chat Export API (blog here). This is a reminder that we are restarting billing on 9/30/2023.

Pricing for Teams Chat Export APIs remains unchanged. Please review here: Payment models and licensing requirements for Microsoft Teams APIs – Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learns

New filter parameters for Teams Graph chat scenarios

On August 25, 2023, we are introducing new filter parameters that help developers optimize the messages returned when querying a chat thread. The chats: getAllMessages API now supports extraction of messages sent, based on the following:

  • users (multiple user IDs supported in the same request)
  • applications (bots, connectors etc.)
  • anonymous users
  • federated users (external access users)
  • system event messages (control messages)

These parameters are part of the request’s $filter. If none of these parameters are present in the request, the API will return messages from all the users present in the specified user chat.

Please note that this new filter parameter will effectively capture all user messages only when queried across all users in the tenant. Selective capture only for a subset of users in the tenant still requires the use of existing “chats: getAllMessages” API endpoint without any filter parameter to ensure completeness of messages archived.

We recommend use of these new filters prior to the resumption of billing for calls made “/chats/getAllMessages” endpoint on the Teams Chat Export API. To help get started on the filters, refer here: Export content with the Microsoft Teams Export APIs – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

If you have questions, please reach out.

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