The Old New Thing

Old New Thing

Are Windows Runtime asynchronous operations guaranteed to complete?

As much as anything is guaranteed to complete.

If you say that your minimum requirements are the Universal contract, then you need to probe for anything beyond that

Reaching beyond your declaration.

How can I check whether a Windows Runtime object supports a member before I try to use it?

You can sniff at the metadata.

Accessing a member of a Windows Runtime class raises an Invalid­Cast­Exception / throws a hresult_no_interface, what does this mean?

It's interfaces under the hood.

Why not just share a single event across all critical section?

How will you know when the thundering herd has calmed down?

The security check happens at the acquisition of the handle

Once you buy a handle, it's yours to keep.

Further refinements to the attempt to create a type-dependent expression that is always false

It still falls down, but for stranger reasons.

It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Booting into another operating system

It's not your computer any more.

We called it RAID because it kills bugs dead

The history of defect tracking databases in Windows.

The Windows Runtime IDL compiler lets you abbreviate some interface names

But only a few of them.