The Old New Thing

Old New Thing

The Magical Excel 97 Far East Language Build Screwdriver™

For your magical build needs.

I set the same ACL with the GUI and with icacls, yet the results are different

Sometimes your tools lie to you.

My summer vacation: The London Eye

Round and round. We'll, really just round. No "and round".

Why does my single-threaded program have multiple threads?

They're not your threads, but they're in your process.

Can the MTA thread exit while keeping its COM class registrations alive?

You can keep the MTA alive without having to dedicate a thread.

Not even getting to the airtight hatchway: Planting files in world-writable directories

But who uses that world-writable directory?

How can I copy or move a group of files into a new folder from Explorer?

Putting together things you already have.

The curious pattern of pre-emptively rejecting the solution to your problem: Redrawing during resizing

You'll have to invalidate it, either the easy way or the hard way.

Can I force a WM_TIMER message to be generated when the timer comes due, even if the message queue is not idle?

You can ask for it explicitly.

How can I give a C++ lambda expression more than one operator()?

Wacky template games.