The Old New Thing


Why does my app’s uninstaller disappear from the Start menu?

Keeping things tidy.

How do I design a class so that methods must be called in a certain order?

Consider it a chain of operation objects.

How can we use IsBadWritePtr to fix a buffer overflow, if IsBadWritePtr is itself bad?

Don’t catch the overflow as it happens. Stop the overflow before it happens.

Resolving security issues sometimes involves its own degree of managing people’s egos

It’s not purely technical. There’s sociology here, too.

Welcome to my new home on the Microsoft Developer Tools and Services blog site

Pardon the dust.

Why is there a limit of 15 shell icon overlays?

Ran out of bits.

Asking for clear written documentation that Require trusted path for credential entry is no longer recommended

It was never recommended in the first place.

Precision questioning: The cynical description

Just keep digging.

Even if your assembly language code doesn’t call any Windows APIs, you still have to follow the ABI

You’re not off by yourself; you’re part of a society.

What order are pages in a memory-mapped file flushed out to disk?

There isn’t one.