Assignments API for Microsoft Graph is now generally available

Microsoft Graph team

Today, we’re announcing that the assignments API in Microsoft Graph is now generally available on the v1.0 endpoint. The education API in Microsoft Graph enhances Microsoft 365 resources with information that is relevant for education scenarios, including information about schools, classes, users (students and teachers), assignments, and submissions. This makes it easy for you to build solutions that integrate with educational resources for various school and classroom scenarios.

You can use the assignment-related education API to integrate with assignments in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 for Education is based on the same education API and provides a use case for what you can do with the API. Your app can use this API to interact with assignments throughout the assignment lifecycle.

The assignment APIs provide the following key resources:

  • educationAssignment– The core object of the assignments API. Represents a task or unit of work assigned to a student or team member in a class as part of their study.
  • educationSubmission– Represents the resources that an individual (or group) submits for an assignment and the associated grade and feedback for that assignment.
  • educationResource– Represents the learning object that is being assigned or submitted. An educationResource is associated with an educationAssignment and/or an educationSubmission.

The assignment API support the following scenarios:

The following are some common use cases for the assignment-related education APIs.

Use case Description See also
Create assignments An external system can create an assignment for the class and attach resources to the assignment. Create assignment
Read assignment information An analytics application can get information about assignments and student submissions, including dates and grades. Get assignment
Track student submissions Your app can provide a teacher dashboard that shows how many submissions from students need to be graded. Submission resource


We invite you to try the assignments APIs in v1.0 and let us know what you think.


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