New renewal offering for your app’s Publisher Attestation and Microsoft 365 Certification

Microsoft 365 Platform team

We are excited to announce that the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program now offers an annual renewal process. During this process, app developers can update their existing Publisher Attestation questionnaire and documentation required for certification. New renewal offering for Publisher Attestation and Microsoft 365 certification


  • Maintain your certification badge in AppSource and Team Store to differentiate your app from others. 
  • Increase customer confidence in using your certified app. 
  • Help IT admins make informed decisions with updated certification information. 

The new renewal process is available in Partner Center to provide a seamless experience. A renewal reminder will be shown in Partner Center starting 90-days before the expiration date. 

Renew your certification in a few steps! 

  1. Sign in to Partner Center. 
  2. On the navigation menu, select Office Store, then Overview. 
  3. Select the product to renew. 
  4. Select App Compliance. 
  5. Select Renew to renew both the Publisher Attestation and Certification. 
  6. Review your previous Publisher Attestation answers and update with the latest information as needed. 

 Microsoft 365 App Compliance renewal 

We have also made it easier to share these answers across your organization. You can now export or create a copy of the answers using new features like Clone, Import and Export. 

Clone, import and export answers across your organization

We require that you renew your app’s information before the expiration date to maintain your app’s Publisher Attestation and/or Certification page on the Microsoft docs. Timely renewal will also ensure continued badging and icons for your app in AppSource and Team Store. 

Learn more about the renewal process

Learn more about Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program 


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