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Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.07.03

Happy Friday! Working with secrets, managing the flow of work, testing, and CI are the focus points for today's roundup. Enjoy! Using Azure Key Vault Secrets with PowerShell Tasks in Azure DevOps Secrets management can be a headache - especially when you have multiple places for them. Sean shows us how we can map secrets from Azure KeyVault t

Cancelling a Windows Runtime asynchronous operation, part 3: C++/CX with PPL, coroutine style

Last time, we looked at how task cancellation is projected in C++/CX with PPL and explicit continuations. But how about C++/CX with PPL and coroutines? Notice that coroutines save us a lot of the hassle of setting up the call and timer because the objects live in the coroutine frame, which continues to exist until the coroutine completes.

Preview of Azure Arc enabled SQL Server is now available

We are making available the private preview of Azure Arc enabled SQL Server. The preview includes the following features: You can register any Windows or Linux based SQL Server to track your inventory. Azure Security Center's advanced data security works on Windows-based SQL Server version 2012 or higher, running on physic

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Hinge Angle on Microsoft Surface Duo

Hello Surface Duo developers! In our previous blog post, we mentioned how to adjust the hinge angle in the Surface Duo emulator. Today we are going to present some ideas about how to take advantage of this unique behavior of the Surface Duo device. As we discussed in How to Bring Your Android Apps to Surface Duo, your Android

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Change Feed – Unsung Hero of Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is rapidly growing in popularity, and for good reason. This globally distributed, multi-model database service has massively scalable storage and throughput, provides a sliding scale for consistency, is fully and automatically indexed, exposes multiple APIs for multiple data models, and has SDKs for the most popular languages.

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Cancelling a Windows Runtime asynchronous operation, part 2: C++/CX with PPL, explicit continuation style

We began our investigation of Windows Runtime cancellation with how task cancellation is projected in C#. But how about C++/CX with PPL and explicit continuations? Okay, let's do this. Setting up the timer to cancel the task is quite annoying. Both call objects and timer objects are non-copyable, but we need to keep both of the objects al

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C++20 Features and Fixes in VS 2019 16.1 through 16.6

What's New We've been busy implementing C++20 features in MSVC's compiler and Standard Library, and migrating the latter to microsoft/STL on GitHub - in fact, we've been so busy that we haven't posted a C++ toolset changelog since the VS 2019 16.0 toolset changelog. So, here are the compiler features and STL features/fixes that have shipped

.NET Virtual Events in July

With life gone virtual, there are tons of new ways to take your development skills to the next level! Below are just a few of the amazing online events, streams, and videos to tune into this July. Stay active with your developer communities through upcoming .NET and Xamarin events. Get lots of exciting content provided by the teams at Microsof

Cancelling a Windows Runtime asynchronous operation, part 1: C#

The Windows Runtime has a lot of asynchronous operations, and the typical way of dealing with them is to schedule a continuation when the operation completes. Depending on the language, it might be Promise.then or task.then() or await or co_await. They all boil down to "Return from the function immediately, and resume execution when this async

Announcing Pylance: Fast, feature-rich language support for Python in Visual Studio Code

We are excited to announce Pylance, our fast and feature-rich language support for Python! Pylance is available today in the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Pylance depends on our core Python extension and builds upon that experience, for those of you who have already installed it. Optimized performance Pylance is a new language server fo