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Multi-vendor Service Level Agreement (SLA) model based on Business Availability
Premier Developer

App Dev Manager Dipanjan Ghanti shares an example of how to frame a multi-vendor SLA based on business availability. Introduction Enterprises often run business critical applications that are supported by multiple vendors. While each vendor takes responsibility for their component’s availability, the need to tie it up with the overal

Continuous integration workflow template for .NET Core desktop apps with GitHub Actions
Edward Skrod

We know how time consuming it can be to quickly set up continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows (CI/CD) for your WPF and Windows Forms desktop applications. That's why, in cooperation with the GitHub Actions team, we have released a starter workflow in GitHub to help you quickly set up and showcase DevOps for your appl

CMMC with Microsoft Azure: System & Information Integrity (10 of 10)
TJ Banasik

This is the last in a ten-part blog series where we’ll demonstrate principles of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification aligned with Microsoft Azure. In previous blogs in the series we’ve explored access control, audit & accountability maturity, asset & configuration management, identification & authentication, incident

Optimize Azure SQL Upsert scenarios

Introduction Customers often need to move a dataset from a source system into a new destination, inserting rows that doesn't exist in a target table and update with new values those where a given key already exists. This scenario is usually referred as "upsert", and can be very time consuming if executed row by row on 10s or 100s of thousands

The SetClientGuid method of the common file and folder dialogs lets you give names to those dialogs, too
Raymond Chen

We saw a little while ago that the SettingsIdentifier property of the various file pickers lets you give names to your pickers. Those work for the Windows Runtime pickers, but what if you're using the old-fashioned Win32 pickers? There is an analogous feature in the Win32 file and folder pickers: You can call the IFile­Dialog::Set­Client­