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PowerShell+Azure Sentinel notebooks to supercharge your threat hunting and investigations!

For those interested in security and security analytics, we recently published an article on how you can now enable PowerShell Jupyter notebooks via .Net Interactive Public Preview for use with Azure Sentinel: ...

Launch your dual-screen enhanced website today with Microsoft Edge Origin Trials

Hello dual-screen web developers! Earlier this month, we shared details on how you can build dual-screen web apps using the web APIs built-in to Microsoft Edge and Chrome. The Microsoft Edge team followed up with a more detailed explanation of the CSS and JavaScript APIs. These APIs are still in preview and require you to enable ...

Math in Office 2020—

My MSDN Math in Office blog posts (2006—2019) have been archived since June, 2019 and the blog was retired. Welcome to the new home for Math in Office! There’s lots of news about both the RichEdit editor and OfficeMath, so exciting posts are forthcoming. To start things off, the RichEdit housed in the Windows 10 Version-2004 msftedit....

Customer Showcase: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is known for it’s many areas of involvement in the movie industry, but it is most famous for the annual awards show, The Oscar’s ®. See how the Academy migrated their infrastructure to Azure and leveraged Xamarin to deliver a rich, responsive experience to its members across a range of devices.