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Sign up for the Microsoft Developers AI Learning Hackathon and Compete for $10,000 in Prizes!

(image) Are you ready to learn about building your very own AI apps in Azure? Participate in the Microsoft Developers AI Learning Hackathon and discover how to build your own custom AI copilot using Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB and the Azure OpenAI API. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this event is perfect for anyone ...

Azure Cosmos DB design patterns – Part 9: Schema versioning

Welcome to Part 9 of our Azure Cosmos DB Design Patterns series, focusing on Schema Versioning. This edition is particularly useful for those new to NoSQL databases or looking to understand Azure Cosmos DB's unique capabilities. Here, we will explore how schema versioning can help manage and evolve your database schema efficiently, drawing on ...

VS Code C++ Extension 1.19 Release: 3.6x faster Go To Symbol & 1.5x faster colorization

With our recent 1.19 release, performance was our biggest focus for the C++ Extension in Visual Studio Code. This included features like progressive population of IntelliSense results and faster symbol searching. With these enhancements, you can begin writing C++ code when opening a file quicker than ever before. Additionally, we also added ...

Data API builder Version 0.11 Brings In-Memory Caching

Literally, I just said that! I have three daughters, and it's amazing how they ask me the same questions over and over. I don't mind answering them, but I sure wish they would either remember my answer or, at least, write it down. There's a measurable cognitive load with the context switching and staying consistent in my answers. And that's a ...

Vector Search Optimization via KMeans, Voronoi Cells and Inverted File Index (aka "Cell-Probing")

In a previous article I already mentioned how vectors can be easily stored in Azure SQL already and how to calculate dot product and cosine distance using just T-SQL. In this article I will show how to improve the performance in vector search by using a technique that has many name but is really based on something very well know already: ...

Python Kernel Updates: A Closer Look at Our Redesigned Plugin and Function Integration

As we approach a stable v1.0 version of the Python Semantic Kernel SDK, we analysed the methods used to add plugins and functions to the kernel. We realised that the variety of available methods might confuse developers. For instance, when should one use versus ? Or versus ? Our goal has always been to keep the SDK as Pythonic and simple as ...