Chatbot for Microsoft Teams personal and group chats 

Ayca Bas

Learn from the community is a series of articles to highlight real-life project scenarios covered in Show & Tell interviews at Microsoft 365 Developer YouTube. It’s a great opportunity for me to inspire you with the end-to-end solutions built upon Microsoft Cloud and help you for your next project with useful resources. 

Learn from the community with Microsoft Teams

When we are on direct or group chats with our teammates, there is always a need for someone to take meeting notes, to-do items. A group of Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors joined my colleague, Cecil, and me to introduce their Shopping List chatbot that can participate in direct chats as well as group chats to understand the required items from the conversation and add them to the shopping list.  

This project was originally built for shared shopping lists, but it can be reused for any purpose of taking notes from personal or group conversations. While building this solution, the following technologies were used:

  • Microsoft Bot Framework is used for building the bot. 
  • Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) played an important role in enabling a more intelligent understanding of the text input by analyzing the messages of the chat participant with natural language processing and identifying the target of the message and the entities included. 
  • Azure Functions helped to create a uniform interface to abstract data management. 
  • Azure Cosmos DB is consumed for storing the data. 
  • Microsoft Teams is used as a choice of channel for the Shopping List chatbot. 

Student Ambassadors provided a workshop on the project’s GitHub repository that teaches basics of chatbots and demonstrates the steps for building this project. 


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