Build your own app’s copilot on Microsoft Teams with the new Teams AI Library

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At Build, we unveiled plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot. These enable developers, like you, to extend the capabilities of Microsoft 365 Copilot by leveraging your existing Teams message extensions, Power Platform connectors, and ChatGPT plugins. Moreover, with the Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, you can create your own plugins from an API endpoint.

We are now taking it a step further. Beyond plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot, we are opening doors for you to construct bespoke intelligent, conversational app experiences for your Teams users—your very own copilots. What is a copilot, you ask? It’s an application that employs state-of-the-art AI and large language models to assist users with complex cognitive tasks. Whether it’s crafting a sales pitch, catching up on a missed meeting, generating images for a presentation, or even planning a themed dinner party, your copilot is there to help.

Our mission is to simplify the process of creating these intelligent, conversational apps on Teams, and to that end, we’re thrilled to introduce a new tool: the Teams AI Library. This cutting-edge resource is designed to assist you in this transformative journey of using AI to foster productivity and innovation.

Introducing the Teams AI library

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, businesses are continually seeking innovative solutions to improve collaboration and communication. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a powerful platform for addressing these needs, and for you as a developer, looking for tools to create intelligent, user-friendly applications to elevate the Teams experience of your users is key. Enter the Teams AI library, our latest toolkit designed to simplify and streamline the process of building AI-enabled Teams apps.

In this article, we’ll explore the Teams AI library, its key features, and how you can get started with this powerful tool.



What is the Teams AI library?

The Teams AI library is a comprehensive development toolkit that allows developers to build AI-powered apps for the Microsoft Teams platform. By integrating advanced AI components, such as conversational AI, prompt management, and safety moderation, you can create highly engaging, interactive, and secure applications that enhance user experience and improve communication within your organization. The library is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, allowing developers to focus on their core business logic without getting bogged down in complex protocols or spending valuable time writing custom conversational logic.

Feature highlights of the Teams AI library

The Teams AI library offers several key features that make it the ultimate solution for building intelligent and user-friendly Teams apps:

Simple Teams-centric component scaffolding: The library simplifies the Teams app model, allowing developers to focus on what’s needed instead of detailed protocol requirements. It makes it easier to add modules like bots, message extensions, Adaptive Cards, and link unfurling.

Natural Language Modeling: Powered by GPT-based language models, the library eliminates the need for developers to write their own conversation logic, making it simpler and more compliant to build AI-powered Teams apps.

Prompt Engineering: Personalize your bots with prompts that match user needs, enabling tailored conversations and better user engagement.

Conversational session history: The library remembers the context across messages, allowing for natural, flowing conversations without requiring users to explicitly use a set of registered actions.

Localization: Backed by GPT, the library offers free, out-of-the-box localization, enabling bots to understand and respond in any language.

LLM modularity: Flexibility to swap in any large language model (LLM) of your choice without changing bot logic.

Responsible AI: The library includes moderation hooks, conversation sweeping, and feedback loops to help developers create ethical and responsible conversational experiences.

How to get started

Ready to harness the power of the Teams AI library and create your own app’s copilots for Teams?

Get started here:

For more details, watch our AI announcements at Build here.



The Teams AI library is a powerful and flexible tool that empowers developers to create intelligent, engaging, and secure Microsoft Teams applications with ease.

By streamlining the development process in Teams, we’re helping you focus on what truly matters – building apps that improve productivity and foster better collaboration in the flow of work. We provide you the tools to transform words into the most powerful productivity instrument on the planet.

A new era of intelligent apps is here—and it’s all taking place in Teams. Try the Teams AI Library to join the action and create experiences that your users will love.

Try the Teams AI library today at And visit our Microsoft Teams Dev Center for more resources.


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