Teams Toolkit update – October 2023

John Miller

We’re excited to announce the new prerelease of Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code 5.3. This update brings searchability to the sample gallery, some improvements to sample contribution, the capability to create simplified message extensions using your APIs, bug fixes, and more.

Quickly find the perfect sample

Teams Toolkit includes a simple way to view all of our open source sample projects that demonstrate different app scenarios in the Sample Gallery. Now, you can easily search for sample apps based on keywords, categories, technology stacks, and specific features. Find the perfect starting point for your projects even faster.


New sample with an SSO enabled tab via APIM proxy

This sample app showcases how to build a single-page web application with a single sign-on feature using Azure API Management as a proxy to perform an on-behalf-of flow, eliminating the need for a dedicated backend.



New Contoso Retail Dashboard

The Contoso Retail Dashboard sample app demonstrates how to build a dashboard for control layouts. It runs in Teams, Outlook, and the Microsoft 365 app.



Collaborate, share, and inspire with samples

We’ve improved and simplified the process to get your samples available in the Sample Gallery or part of the repository – making it easier to get started with the right project example.



Teams Toolkit CLI improvements

We’ve also improved the CLI experience and in this beta release of Teams Toolkit CLI, we have implemented a number of usability improvements based on your feedback:

Hierarchical Command Structure: Commands have been reorganized into a hierarchical structure.

Redesigned Help Command: The help command has been redesigned for improved readability, including vertical and column alignments for commands and their descriptions, refined subcommands, command options/arguments, and global options, support for option abbreviations, indicators of required options, and inclusion of example commands.


New list command: We’ve added the teamsfx list command for reviewing available project templates and samples.

Enhanced Outputs and Streamlined Log Levels: Outputs have been refreshed, and log levels have been streamlined for clarity.


Improved Compatibility: Color issues for terminals with light-colored backgrounds have been fixed, and suggestions for misspelled commands have been added.

Global Config Commands Removal: The global config commands, teamsfx config set and teamsfx config get have been removed and are now incorporated into global options.

Upload custom applications across Microsoft 365: We’ve added the ability to upload custom applications across Microsoft 365, including Teams, Outlook, and the Microsoft 365 app via teamsfx m365 commands.

The full changelog is available on GitHub.

Upgrade to the latest Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code using the extensions menu or by visiting the Marketplace. Upgrading to the new CLI is simple with npm i -g @microsoft/teamsfx-cli@2.0.3-beta.2023101309.0. As always, build with us and submit your feedback on GitHub or start a discussion with our team about what you’re building!


Happy coding!


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