Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint Pages is now generally available

DC Padur

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint Pages, in all cloud instances – a significant milestone in our commitment to providing useful and flexible tools for SharePoint developers.

The new API allows developers to programmatically interact with SharePoint Pages and News posts, offering capabilities such as listing, getting, creating, editing, publishing, and deleting pages. With the V1.0 release, we are introducing a targeted scope of features based on comprehensive research, use case analysis, and product scoping.


What’s new in V1.0?

Web part support for create & edit: For creating or editing a page/news post, the GA API will support 14 Microsoft-provided web parts, in addition to any third-party web part. This includes the following popular web parts:

Text Web part Image Image Gallery Button
Call to Action Divider Document embed Link preview
Quick links People Bing maps Spacer
YouTube embed Org chart

Read-only actions, delete, and publish operations can be performed on pages/news posts with any web part, providing greater flexibility.

Improved validation and error handling: The new API includes validation of payload and client-side error improvements, ensuring a smoother development experience.

We invite you to explore the new features and capabilities of the Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint Pages V1.0. For more information and to get started use the following available resources.

Get started with the new SharePoint Pages API

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if a page has unsupported web parts?

A: You can edit a page with unsupported web parts with the V1.0 API as long as the create/edit payload is only for the supported web parts. You can also do other actions on pages with unsupported web parts.

Q: Can I use the Pages API to edit Pages created in the UX?

A: Yes. Pages created in the UX can be edited with the API, to limit of what is supported in the API like the supported web parts. Similarly, pages created with the API can be edited in the UX.

Q: Can I delete a page that has unsupported web parts?

A: Yes. You can delete a page that has unsupported web parts.

Q: Are Collapsible sections supported?

A: Collapsible sections in pages are not supported currently.

Q: IS CK4 and CK5 supported?

A: Technically yes, but we recommend that you create pages with text web parts in CK5. CKEditor is a modern, feature-rich JavaScript text editor. Its latest version is CK5 which has been adopted and rolled out for use in SharePoint pages text web part.

Q: What are the unsupported web parts?

A: All of the Microsoft provided out-of-the-box web parts NOT mentioned in the list above are not supported for creation or editing scenarios with this update.

Q: When will you support all the web parts?

A: We will be adding support for more web parts in the coming months based on customer needs and asks. Please submit your feedback in Microsoft Feedback portal for SharePoint

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  • Roberto Ramon Berna 0

    Can we use this to create pages using custom page templates? Is it supported?

    • DC PadurMicrosoft employee 0

      Not yet. That capability should be coming soon to the beta end point.

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