Breaking changes to attendance report in Microsoft Graph onlineMeeting API (beta)

Microsoft Graph team

At Microsoft, we’re committed to bringing the latest and greatest functionality to Microsoft Graph. Today, we’re announcing the following upcoming breaking changes for developers using the Microsoft Graph API to get online meeting attendance reports. This API helps developers track attendance records of an attendee, such as when the attendee joins and leaves the meeting and how long an attendee stays in the meeting. This data can help companies understand productivity & burnout trends to better empower their workforce.

The attendanceRecords property of the meetingAttendanceReport entity is being promoted to a navigation property. The property name (attendanceRecords) and type (Collection(microsoft.graph. attendanceRecord)) remain the same.

For context, many Microsoft Graph resources expose both declared properties of the resources as well as their relationships with other resources. These relationships are also called reference properties or navigation properties. They can reference either a single resource or a collection of resources. After the change is rolled out, you will need to expand on the navigation property using the $expand=attendanceRecords query option. Navigation properties are, by default, not included in the response.

The attendanceRecord resource type will be changed from a complex type to an entity type. All properties of the resource type remain the same.

These changes are rolling out to the Microsoft Graph beta endpoint on November 19, 2021.

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