Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code update – March 2024

Junjie Li

Welcome to the March 2024 update for Teams Toolkit on Visual Studio Code. We’re excited to share several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance your development experience with Teams Toolkit.

Build your own copilots in Microsoft Teams with Teams AI Library

We’ve revamped the user experience for developers to craft their own copilots, AI-powered intelligent chatbots for Teams. Here’s what’s new:

  • Streamlined scaffolding UX with top-level entry points and simplified configuration of LLM services and credentials.
  • Introducing new application templates for building AI Agents from scratch.
  • Python language supports for developing a Basic AI Chatbot.


  • Updated default app icon colors in Teams Toolkit-generated app templates and samples to align with Microsoft 365 and Copilot-themed colors.
  • Added LLM.Description in the app manifest for bot-based message extensions when utilized as a copilot plugin for improved reasoning with LLMs.
  • Enhanced Azure account authentication with a built-in Microsoft authentication provider in Visual Studio Code for increased reliability, especially when using a proxy.
  • Upgraded Custom Search Results (Start with a New API) template to Azure Functions v4 for better support.
  • Now supporting multiple parameters for API-based message extensions.
  • Updated Teams Chef Bot sample to reference the latest version under the teams-ai repository.

Bug Fixes

We’ve resolved several issues to ensure a smoother development experience:

  • Addressed occurrences of an empty env file path appearing in error messages.
  • Fixed issues related to arm/deploy.UnhandledError and inconsistent capitalizations in the project creation dialog.
  • Resolved errors like Error: TeamsfxCLI.CannotDetectRunCommand and unclear error messages when sideloading apps using unsupported file formats.
  • Fixed unexpected errors during execution of teamsapp account login azure.
  • Corrected broken links in README documentation and ensured featured samples are displayed in the full list.

That wraps up our March 2024 update for Teams Toolkit on Visual Studio Code. We’re committed to improving your development experience, so stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

Remember, your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of Teams Toolkit. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us on GitHub, and let’s build together!

Thank you for your continued feedback. Download the latest prerelease of Teams Toolkit and explore these new features and improvements today!

Happy coding!

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