Breaking changes to the Microsoft Graph API for eDiscovery (beta)

Microsoft Graph team

Today, we’re announcing some upcoming breaking changes for developers using the Microsoft Graph API for eDiscovery. The eDiscovery API enables an organization’s compliance officers to respond to data requests for litigation, investigations, and other legal requests. We’re changing the way that holds are applied to custodians so that we can more efficiently batch policy application. As a result, we are removing the applyHoldToSources property from the custodian and non-custodial data resources and adding an applyHold method to individual custodians and non-custodial data sources as well as their respective collections. This change will be staged so applyHoldToSources will be removed 2-3 weeks after /appyHold is introduced to give you time to switch to the new model. 

 When /applyHold is called, an operation is created to monitor the progress of the hold. This new operation requires us to update the caseOperation enum. We are inserting a new operation before the unknowFutureValue with the new operation. For more information about unknownFutureValues in Microsoft Graph enums, see Best practices for working with Microsoft Graph. 

 This change will go into effect on February 16, 2022. 

 To learn more about applying holds to custodians and non-custodial data sources, see: 


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