Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code update – January 2024

Junjie Li

Welcome to the latest update on Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code! In this release, we bring you a set of exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance your development experience.

New features

Deploy Tab Apps to Static Web App: We are thrilled to announce that Azure Static Web Apps is now the default solution for deploying Tab-based applications in Teams Toolkit. For those who prefer the older method using Azure Storage, you can refer to this sample.


  • Clean up .deployment folder in between Deployments: Teams Toolkit now intelligently cleans up the .deployment folder in the build directory before each deployment. This not only addresses a known issue but also significantly reduces deployment time.
  • Optimized Dev Tunnel Expiration: Inactive Dev Tunnel instances will now be automatically cleaned up after an hour, mitigating Dev Tunnel instance limitation errors.
  • Log Level Settings: We’ve added log level settings to control the verbosity of Teams Toolkit logs. You can find these settings in the User and Workspace Settings under the Teams Toolkit section. Logs
  • Richer Information in Sample App Details Page: The Sample app detail page now includes additional details from the project README file, such as the project description, prerequisites, and steps to run the project.
  • Improved Troubleshooting for Multi-tenant Scenario: Teams Toolkit now provides a troubleshooting guide for scenarios where the aadApp/update action fails with a HostNameNotOnVerifiedDomain error in multi-tenant setups.
  • Optimized SPFx Solution Version Handling: Teams Toolkit now compares the SPFx solution version between global installations and the one used by Teams Toolkit when developers add additional web parts. Developers will be prompted if there’s a need to install or upgrade the solution version when differences are detected.

Format Reddit link into Adaptive Card: Explore how to format a Reddit link into an Adaptive Card in Microsoft Teams conversations with this informative sample application. Link Unfurling Sample

Teams Toolkit CLI v3.0.0 beta

Teams Toolkit CLI

Teams Toolkit CLI version 3 is now in public preview. Major changes include:

  • New Command Signature: Teams Toolkit CLI now starts with teamsapp as the root command signature for more clarity. We recommend changing your scripts to use teamsapp as the command prefix.
  • New Command Structure: Teams Toolkit CLI now has a new command structure that is more intuitive and easier to use. You can find the new command structure in the Teams Toolkit CLI Command Reference.
  • New Doctor Command: teamsapp doctor is a new command that helps diagnose and fix common issues with Teams Toolkit and Teams application development.

Bug fixes

We’ve addressed several issues to provide you with a smoother experience:

  • User Canceled Error: Fixed an issue where you might see a User canceled error when canceling a new app creation. #10691
  • Node.js Installation Link: Fixed an issue where the Node.js installation link redirects to a 404 page. #10587
  • Copilot Access Status: Addressed an issue with the accuracy of reflecting the latest Copilot Access status. #10555
  • Debug Configuration Name: Fixed an issue where the debug profile name for Microsoft Teams is not accurately reflected in the debug configuration. #10478
  • Application Name Length Limit: Fixed an issue where you might accidentally exceed the maximum length of application names without any warning messages. #10457
  • Undefined in Validation Summary: Fixed an issue where undefined is printed in Teams application validation summary. #10445
  • Changelog File Popup: Fixed an issue where you might accidentally see the incorrect changelog file popped up. #10390
  • Sample App Gallery Multi-selection Order: Fixed an issue in Sample App Gallery where the multi-selection did not follow the order of the selection. #10364
  • Sample App Gallery UI Improvements: Fixed a number of issues in the Sample App Gallery UI. #10363

Thank you for your continued feedback. Download the latest prerelease of Teams Toolkit and explore these new features and improvements today!

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