Announcing general availability of Outlook rich notifications in Microsoft Graph

Cameron Parker

Rich notifications are a feature that lets you receive notifications that include resource change data. This allows applications to avoid needing to make a subsequent API call to obtain the changed resource data, improving performance.

Rich notifications for Outlook resources are now generally available on the v1.0 endpoint for all Microsoft Graph customers. We are excited to share this feature with you and help you create more efficient and responsive applications.

Why use rich notifications?

Rich Notifications are designed to replace the Outlook REST notifications, which are currently used by many customers but have some limitations, such as:

  • Not supporting delta queries, which increases the risk of missing changes.
  • Not being consistent with the Microsoft Graph API design and documentation.

We recently announced the decommissioning of Outlook REST, and we encourage Outlook REST users to migrate to Microsoft Graph as soon as possible. Rich notifications are more reliable, secure, and consistent with the Microsoft Graph API. You can leverage the Microsoft Graph SDKs and tools to simplify your development and integration.

How to learn more about rich notifications?

You can find more details and examples on how to use rich notifications in our Microsoft Graph documentation here, with additional examples specific to Outlook resources available.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make rich notifications and Microsoft Graph better for you. You can use the Feedback Portal to share your thoughts and ideas with us. For questions on Microsoft Graph, you can post on Microsoft Graph Q&A or open a support ticket if needed.

Thank you for using Rich notifications and Microsoft Graph. We hope you enjoy this feature!



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