Microsoft Entra Identity Platform

A developer platform that helps protect your users and data.

Introducing Native Authentication for Microsoft Entra External ID

Introducing the public preview of Native Authentication for Microsoft Entra External ID, a feature that allows you to design and control the sign-in experience within your mobile apps. We compare browser-delegated authentication to native authentication which enables you to create customized, visually cohesive login screens that enhance user experience and maintain brand consistency.

Engineering software in a remote work world: Perspectives from the Microsoft Entra Verified ID team

This blog post delves into the challenges and adaptations that came with moving to a hybrid and remote work environment, through the shared experiences of three team members. It highlights how the team maintained work quality and standards, offering useful tips and insights for readers.

Feb 2024: A look at the latest Microsoft Entra key feature releases, announcements, and updates

An overview of the latest updates in Microsoft Entra for February 2024, including updates on app filters for Conditional Access policies and an array of new Public Previews, like Microsoft Entra Internet Access for all apps. Discover how these enhancements can be integrated into your projects for optimal performance and security.

The building blocks of machine identity

This is part two of a three-part series of blog posts. In part one, published in Sept 2023, we talked about the drivers and the need for machine identities. Now, we take a look at the building blocks of a machine identity management system.