Announcing the Microsoft Graph Early Adopter recognition program

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Show off your Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs early adopter status with a digital badge certifying your hard work and curiosity!

Your feedback is critical to us

We strive to build products that delight and empower you to achieve more. Hearing from you early and often about what’s working and where we could do better plays a critical role in our development process. Your feedback improves Microsoft products benefiting customers and ecosystem developers – thank you.

In collaboration with the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community, we’re launching the Microsoft Graph Early Adopter recognition program, where we award everyone who provided us with valuable feedback with a digital badge as our way of recognizing your contributions.

This badge will be visible along with your other digital badges for Microsoft certifications. You can share it publicly as proof of your curiosity, expertise, and passion to improve our products.

How to get awarded

When using Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs, and you notice something that isn’t working as expected, if you have an idea for improvement, or you come across something that delights you—let us know. Our product managers review all feedback and pull requests, and if it meets the criteria, you’ll get awarded with the digital early adopter badge. The more constructive and detailed, the better. It can be a bug report, a feature request, a pull request, or a story on how our products help you in your work but make it detailed.

We’re looking forward to learning from you and appreciate your help!


What type of feedback qualifies for a badge?

We’re looking for meaningful product feedback. We consider feedback meaningful when it describes what you’re trying to achieve (scenario), how you’re using our products and what’s (not) working. Meaningful feedback can refer to an existing feature or something that we don’t support (yet). For example:

❌ “Fluent APIs are cool!” (Why? What’s the benefit?)

✅ “Using fluent APIs we get design-time feedback for calling Microsoft Graph and can catch errors earlier.”

How to submit feedback?

Submit your feedback by creating an issue on the GitHub repository of the corresponding Microsoft Graph product (see the list below).

Which Microsoft Graph products participate in the program?

We’re starting with the following Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs:

  • Microsoft Graph Toolkit v3 Release Candidate – GitHub, PM: Sébastien Levert
  • Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK v2 preview – GitHub, PM: Carol Mbasinge Kigoonya
  • Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v5 – GitHub, PM: Maísa Rissi
  • Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy – GitHub, PM: Sébastien Levert, Waldek Mastykarz
  • Kiota – GitHub, PM: Rabeb Othmani

As we publish new releases of other Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs, we’ll announce the current list of products for which we’re seeking early feedback on the Microsoft 365 Developer Blog.

Does feedback on Microsoft Graph API qualify for a badge too?

The Microsoft Graph Early Adopter program focuses on Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs. Feedback on the Microsoft Graph API doesn’t qualify for the badge in the context of this program, at this time.

When do I need to submit the feedback at the latest?

We’re looking for early feedback following preview and GA releases of our products. This is why the feedback that we receive within the 30 days after publishing this announcement qualifies for the early adopter badge.

Who decides if my feedback qualifies for the badge?

Based on the criteria mentioned earlier in this FAQ, our PMs decide if the piece of feedback qualifies for the digital badge. When you submit feedback that misses some information, our PMs will work with you to provide additional details. This will then make your feedback eligible for the digital badge.

How do I get awarded with the badge?

After the PM decided that your feedback qualifies for a badge, they’ll ask you to register for the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community recognition program. You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to claim your badge. Digital badges are issued by Credly which is the same service that issues digital badges for Microsoft certifications and other Microsoft 365 and Power Platform community activities.

Will I get multiple badges if I provide multiple pieces of feedback?

We start with a single badge across all Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs, which you receive after we accept the first piece of product feedback from you.

Does the badge expire?

The badge doesn’t have an expiration date.


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