Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.5 with execution summary and recording mode

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Build resilient and performant apps with the latest preview version of the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy. In this new version, we’re excited to introduce support for recording requests, a new execution summary, and a shortened executable name for more convenient use.

Download Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.5 and check if your apps properly handle API errors.

Record request logs

With Developer Proxy, you can easily simulate elusive API errors and get guidance on how to improve your API requests and the performance of your apps.

We offer this guidance in real time as we’re seeing API requests pass through Developer Proxy. But we realized that we could do so much more by remembering which requests were issued and analyzing them in the context of other requests.

In this version, we’re introducing support for recording request logs. While recording, Developer Proxy will store request logs in memory. After the recording has stopped, Developer Proxy will start analyzing them.

Starting and stopping a recording session in Developer Proxy

To start recording:

  • Use the `–record` argument when starting the proxy, or
  • press r (for record) on the keyboard

To stop recording:

  • press s (for stop) on the keyboard or,
  • stop the proxy by pressing CTRL + C.

While running the proxy, you can run multiple recording sessions by pressing r and s. Each session will be analyzed separately.

Please note, that recordings are stored in memory during the execution of Developer Proxy and no information about recorded request logs is uploaded to Microsoft.

At this moment, the only analysis that we’re running on recorded requests logs is the execution summary.

In future releases, we’re thinking about helping you answer other questions, like:

  • What Microsoft Graph API permissions does my app need, based on the requests it issues?
  • Is my app using more API permissions than it needs?
  • Where in my app am I calling beta Microsoft Graph endpoints running the risk of unexpected changes?
  • Could I get a tailored SDK for the endpoints that I use?
  • Can I get the data in a CSV or other format for further analysis?

We’re excited about the opportunity that this feature creates. We look forward to hearing more ideas you have for analyzing recorded requests. Please share your own scenarios in our repo.

To learn more about using recording in Developer Proxy, see the documentation.

Get a summary of recorded request logs

As you use the Developer Proxy to simulate errors in your apps, you’ve told us that you’d like to be able to get a summary of its execution.

  • What requests has my app issued?
  • Were there any failures?
  • What kind of improvements has the Developer Proxy suggested?

If your app is issuing many API calls, getting all this information from the Developer Proxy’s logs is tedious.

To help you get the necessary insights, we’re introducing the execution summary report.

Developer Proxy execution summary report with information about requests issued to Microsoft Graph

Developer Proxy execution summary report with information about requests issued to Microsoft Graph

The execution summary reports on the information that Developer Proxy captured using its recording feature. The report contains information about all unique requests and messages that the Developer Proxy captured. You can group the information either by request URL or type of message. And to make it easier for you to digest the information, it’s formatted using markdown.

This is just the first report that we ship, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you how we could improve it and what other reports you’d like to see.

To learn more about the execution summary and its configuration options, see the documentation.

mgdp: new name for the executable

As a wise person said once: keystrokes matter.

To make it easier for you to use the Developer Proxy, we shortened its executable name to mgdp (for Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy).

From this version forward, after downloading and setting up the proxy as we outline in the getting started documentation, you can start it by typing mgdp in the terminal.

Additional improvements

Improved readability of the config

We improved the readability of the config file to help you manage Developer Proxy configuration. This is important as the number of plugins increases with the new features we introduce in each release and perhaps the plugins that you’re building yourself.

We removed unnecessary URLs from plugins’ configuration, improving Developer Proxy performance and ordered plugins’ properties making them easier to manage.

Simplified implementation of plugins

To decrease the amount of code needed for building plugins, we introduced a new plugin base class, that implements as much of the boilerplate code as possible, allowing you to focus on the unique functionality of your plugin.

Try it now

Download Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.5 and check if your apps properly handle API errors.

We’re excited about this new version and can’t wait for you to try it out. We’re looking forward to hearing from you about these improvements and how we can continue to make the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy even better.

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