OneNote Webhooks API deprecation

Bea Villanueva

Zack Runner

Today, we are announcing the deprecation of the OneNote Webhooks API endpoint supporting consumer Notebooks. It will be decommissioned on June 16th, 2023. Beyond this date, the service will be retired. The endpoint will no longer respond, no new webhook notifications will be sent, and no new subscriptions can be created. Developers should remove calls to this service from their apps and workflows. 

Why we’re making this change 

For the past 6 years, OneNote APIs on Microsoft Graph have been generally available. Microsoft Graph is the modern API for the Microsoft 365 platform. We make continuous, significant investments in its security, performance, and features to ensure it meets the needs of our own product teams as well as the global ecosystem of developers who build applications using its capabilities.  

While investing in Microsoft Graph, we also examine our classic surface areas. Deprecating unused endpoints or classic patterns allows us to provide the best service and focus on features and APIs most loved by our customers to continue to achieve these goals. 

What action you should take 

We do not currently have a replacement for this notification endpoint for OneNote. We understand that for some applications this change, even if anticipated, will require some amount of work to accommodate, but we are confident it will ensure better security, reliability, and performance overall for our customers. 

Thank you for being a OneNote customer. For more information on OneNote APIs in Microsoft Graph, check out this documentation. We listen closely to our customers and their needs and continue to evaluate and develop the endpoints and workflows that enable rich interactions with the Notes ecosystem. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns by reaching out to our Q&A Notes forum. 


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