Introducing the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy community preview

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In the last year, we’ve heard from developers that API errors are hard to replicate because they occur only in specific circumstances, often when the application is under heavy load. Because developers typically work on their own tenants, they can only verify if their application properly handles errors after the application has been deployed to production. We are introducing the first community preview of the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy to improve the developer experience.

What is the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy?

Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy allows developers to verify that their application, that uses Microsoft Graph, correctly handles errors that can happen when the application is used at scale. With Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy, you can:

  • Simulate Microsoft Graph API errors, to verify that your application handles them gracefully when deployed at scale,
  • Mock Microsoft Graph API responses, to use your application with test data



Using Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy you can test existing applications without any changes, even if you don’t have access to the source code and if they’re not using Microsoft Graph SDKs. Graph Developer Proxy registers itself as a proxy on your machine and intercepts all network traffic. It passes through all requests and only responds to requests to the Microsoft Graph API.


The Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy is a standalone executable that provides an extensive set of capabilities (with more coming in the next months!).

  • Run on any OS (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Simulate different Microsoft Graph API errors
  • Verify that your application properly handles throttling
  • Mock Microsoft Graph API responses
  • Configure proxy to your needs, by setting its failure rate, port, mocking, etc.

Example usage

Using the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy is as simple as running a single command where the developers define its settings:

Community Preview

We are working on getting the General Availability (GA) version published within the calendar year 2023. This preview release enables us to be transparent and provide more insights on the upcoming features and to provide our worldwide ecosystem an option to directly influence on the released capabilities. Your feedback is more than welcome! You can expect many more new features within the upcoming preview releases before a version that is officially ready for production use and fully supported.

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