Announcing SharePoint Framework 1.12.1 – Extending more of Microsoft Teams

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We are excited to announce SharePoint Framework version 1.12.1 with new capabilities focusing on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint topics. As part of this release, we adopted new preview model, which we will be using also with all the future release to increase the quality of the versions. This means that we will be shipping a public preview release for public review before the actual general availability of the version.

As custom SharePoint Framework components are being used by tens of millions of people each month in Microsoft Teams and in the SharePoint, it’s important that we minimize possibility of regressions with the new releases and we are committed on providing higher quality releases in future. We will be also focusing on the code craftmanship also in the other areas, like with updated focus on addressing known issues in the platform and not just focusing on the new features. Please keep the feedback coming on known issues which are causing you challenges. Our engineering team is committed on addressing these as part of the future development iterations.

Here are the key capabilities included in the SharePoint Framework 1.12.1:

  • The Sync to Teams button in the Tenant App Catalog will use the Teams app manifest defined in the solution if present to create and publish a Teams app package to Microsoft Teams. If an app manifest file is not present, SharePoint will dynamically generate one.
  • New web part APIs for detecting web part size and size changes
  • Support on building Microsoft Teams meeting apps with the SharePoint Framework
  • Add support for Node.js v14 and Gulp 4
  • Updated default TypeScript version to v3.7 (v3.9 is also supported)
  • Updated React NPM packages (react & react-dom) to v16.9
  • Updated Office UI Fabric React npm package (Fluent UI) to v7.156
  • Updated default Teams SDK to 1.18 level
  • General available of list and library subscriptions

Documentation assets to get started with SharePoint Framework 1.12.1 version and the related updates:

Video covering the key changes

We covered the latest features in 1.12.1 in a recent community call with quick demo on few of the new features.

Please take advantage of our public community calls and other open-source community efforts on engaging with Microsoft engineering and with others in the community. More details on those options from our Microsoft 365 Platform Community pages.

Future plans for SharePoint Framework

We will keep on actively investing in the SharePoint Framework with the updated quality assurance model which was introduced as part of the 1.12.1 release.

Most notable plans for 2021 with SharePoint Framework:

  • Building UX extensibility for the Microsoft Viva Connections with new component types optimized for desktop, web and mobile.
  • Improved story for the SharePoint store with streamlined end user and administrative experiences.
  • Improved Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile client experiences.
  • Evolve the Microsoft Teams extensibility options to make it even easier to build UX extensibility for Microsoft Teams in all of the user interface options.
  • Improvements on building building extensibility for the SharePoint portals and lists using existing extensibility option.
  • Publish and acquire SharePoint Framework solutions directly from the Microsoft Teams store.
  • New reference solutions around Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva Connections extensibility models.

Notice that these plans are subject to change and we cannot provide exact timelines for mentioned features at the moment of time.

Feedback, support and issues

We are building SharePoint Framework for you, so please keep on providing us with feedback and input on the needed capabilities.

Thank you for being part of this journey and keep the feedback coming!

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 28th of April 2021

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