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Iterating on Variable Rate Shading in Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics is the very first game to ship with support for DirectX 12 Variable Rate Shading (VRS), one of the major features in DirectX 12 Ultimate. VRS let Gears Tactics achieve large performance gains – up to 18.9% (!) – on a wide range of hardware with a minimal impact on visual quality. Check out this guest post where Jacob Nelso
DirectX 12 and Linux's Tux
DirectX ❤ Linux
Overview of the upcoming support for DX12, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenGL and OpenCL acceleration in the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
DirectX 12 Ultimate
DirectX 12 Ultimate Getting Started Guide
So, you’re a developer sold on the next-gen features in DirectX 12 Ultimate? Look no further than this little guide! 1) OS The complete set of DirectX 12 Ultimate features is be available in the next retail version of Windows 10, version 2004 (also called the Windows 10 May 2020 Update). As of 5/27, you can get this version of Wi
DirectX 12 Ultimate
Announcing DirectX 12 Ultimate
  It is time for DirectX to evolve once again.   From the team that has brought PC and Console gamers the latest in graphics innovation for nearly 25 years, we are beyond pleased to bring gamers DirectX 12 Ultimate, the culmination of the best graphics technology we’ve ever introduced in an unprecedented alignment between
DirectX 12 Ultimate
DirectX Developer Day Schedule
Tomorrow (3/19) is DirectX Developer Day! Join the Microsoft DirectX team, along with partners AMD and NVIDIA, for a series of talks and demos covering the future of gaming graphics: Streaming will start at 10:00 AM PDT. Whether you’re a game developer, graphics enthusiast or just curious about wha
DirectX 12 Ultimate
Announcing DirectX Developer Day
GDC may have been postponed, but we aren't going to let that prevent us from bringing the next generation of graphics innovation to the world.  Join us this Thursday, March 19, for a virtual DirectX Developer Day on Mixer! The Microsoft DirectX team, along with partners from AMD and NVIDIA, will be streaming a series of talks covering how we
DirectX 12 Ultimate
D3D12 Translation Layer and D3D11On12 are now open source
If you’re a developer looking to port your game to DX12, we have good news: The D3D12 Translation Layer, a helper library for translating graphics concepts and commands from a D3D11-style domain to a D3D12-style domain, is now open source.

As an example of how to use the library, we have also opened sourced the D3D11On12 mapping layer.
DirectX 12 Ultimate
Demystifying Fullscreen Optimizations
We wrote this article to explain the difference between Fullscreen Exclusive and Fullscreen Optimizations. This article goes details the roll out and the benefits that come with Fullscreen Optimizations.
DirectX 12 Ultimate
DirectX 12 and Fortnite
On Monday, Epic Games announced that DirectX 12 support is coming to Fortnite. And today, the wait is over: anyone updating to the v11.20 patch has the option to try out Fortnite’s beta DX12 path! What does this all mean? Let's see if we can help!   What’s wrong with DX11? Nothing! We at the DirectX team designed Direct