Announcing “30 Days of Microsoft Graph” Blog Series

Throughout the month of November 2018, we are publishing daily articles (30 total) that aim to introduce developers to Microsoft Graph.  We’ll have content that covers 0-level to 200-level topics.  Each post should take you 5-15 mins to read and try out the sample exercises.  No prior knowledge of Microsoft Graph is required.

SharePoint Development Community (PnP) – October 2018 update

SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) October 2018 update is out with a summary of the latest guidance, samples, and solutions from SharePoint engineering or from the community for the community. This article is a summary of all the different areas and topics around SharePoint Dev ecosystem during the past month.

Opening SharePoint Dev Blog for community posts

We are happy to announce that we open SharePoint Dev blog also for MVP articles. SharePoint has one of the most active communities in the industry and we want to have a new opportunity for our MVPs for getting additional visibility by posting their articles also through the SharePoint Dev blog.

New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – September 2018

We are happy to announce the availability of new SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) version targeted for the Office 365 or more specifically for SharePoint and Project Online. This was mainly a small maintenance release with minimal updates on the CSOM API surface. The September 2018 release was delayed until early October due to few logistic issues.