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Introducing Private Link (Public Preview)

We are excited to announce the public preview of Private Link, a new feature that enables you to connect to your data sources privately and securely from within your own virtual network. Private Link provides a direct and encrypted connection between your virtual network and your data source, without exposing your data to the public internet. ...

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OpenAI Assistants: a first look into using OpenAI Assistants with Semantic Kernel

(image) On Monday, we shared that the future of Semantic Kernel will leverage OpenAI Assistants so you can take advantage of the ease-of-use they provide in creating agents and copilots. In this blog post, we wanted to pick up where we left off and share an incremental update on our current progress while also diving into some of the ...

Unveiling the Next Steps in AI Productivity: Plugins, Planners, and Personas at Microsoft Ignite

As the Microsoft Ignite event approaches on November 16th, we are excited to invite you to join us for a live session at the Seattle Convention Center Summit. This gathering is a special opportunity for business leaders and AI enthusiasts to gain insight into the advancements of Semantic Kernel, particularly in the realms of Plugins, Planners...

Introducing Trusted Certificate Authorities (public preview) in App management policy

In March 2023, we announced a framework called App management policy which allows admins to implement security best practices for applications in their tenant. Now, we've added a new capability that allows admins to define trusted certificate issuers for their tenant. Attempts to add an app certificate that does not meet the criteria defined in the policy will be rejected.

Jakarta EE on Azure – November 2023

Hi everyone, welcome to the November update for Jakarta EE on Azure. Microsoft partners with Jakarta EE application server vendors to create Azure Marketplace offers – with Solution Templates and Base Images that allow customers to quickly deploy their software on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and...